• Updating Your Life Insurance After Divorce

    When you divorce, you may need to update your life insurance policy's beneficiary designation, or buy a new policy that insures income prote...

    Legal Separation or Divorce?

    If you are contemplating ending your marriage, there is much to consider. While everyone's situation varies, it is important to understand o...

    Creating a Financially Stable Life After Divorce

    Divorce can impact long-term financial goals, and may require you to completely restructure a new financial plan that includes rebuilding re...

    Alimony and Child Support

    Divorce may end your marriage, but it doesn't always end the financial ties to each other. Child support and alimony may both be a part of the divorce settlement. But what is the difference?

    Retirement after Divorce

    The older you are when you divorce, the more you may stand to lose with retirement accounts and accumulated assets. It's important to know t...

    Preparing Your Finances for Divorce: Dos and Don’ts

    One factor that may get overlooked is the financial impact. Between divorce fees and changes to housing budget, getting your finances organi...

    Financial Focus During Divorce

    Divorce is not only costly in the short-run, but it can have a long-term financial impact if you're not careful. Focus on the fundamentals to stay on track.

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  • The Financial Implications of Getting a Divorce
    The information across our Learning Center is designed for individuals and families to provide easy access to information that can help with your financial plan. Explore the Learning Center to understand the financial impact of divorce before everything is final so that you may restore your financial life and still achieve your goals. The real cost of divorce may be most evident when dividing assets and retirements benefits with your spouse. From determining your post-divorce income to starting your own retirement plan, there are many important considerations for developing your new personal financial plan. In this section we examine the pragmatic differences between divorce versus legal separation as well as alimony versus child support. We also provide information according to life phase. A younger divorcee’s needs differ greatly from someone closer to retirement. We hope you find this information helpful. If you don’t see what you need, please let us know. You can find us on or follow us on Twitter via @ProtectiveLife. We’d love to hear from you.