• Should You Use a "Do-it-Yourself" Will?

    Creating a will yourself is an option in the estate planning process, but there are times when you should consult a lawyer and get their exp...

    What's the difference between inheritance tax and estate tax?

    We can't escape taxes. Even after we're gone, our loved ones may have to pay taxes on the hard-earned money we left them. Or do they? Learn ...

    Learn How to Write a Will

    You know having a will is important in order to distribute your assets as you wish, but how do you start writing one?  Refer to one of the w...

    Is Writing A Will Necessary?

    Take the time now to create a will if you want to ensure the recipients of your assets actually receive them after you die. Otherwise, it can be up to the courts to determine how your assets will be distributed.

    Creating a Living Trust: What Not to Do

    A living trust is something many people choose to create for themselves. But beware of potential missteps. There are specific things require...

    Life Insurance Trust Explained

    There are many benefits to a life insurance trust besides reducing estate taxes, including having more control over how the proceeds are pai...

    Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

    Assisted living. Retirement homes. Home health care. These are all topics we're not too fond of discussing. But planning now with long-term care insurance may be something to consider.

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  • Life Can Be Easier When You Have a Plan
    From wills and trusts, to taxes and powers of attorney, estate planning can be complex.  Yet there's much you can do to streamline one of the most difficult financial planning decisions of your life. In fact, the more you know, the less intimidating and easier estate planning can be. At Protective, we understand the importance of the estate planning process. The following articles were created to address some of the most common components of estate planning, and to help you get the process started.  

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