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Fixed annuities

Help secure your clients’ retirement with fixed annuities from Protective.

Options to meet client needs

Fixed annuities are designed to meet a variety of retirement planning needs, offering relatively low risk, guaranteed growth and lifetime income. Explore our fixed annuity portfolio with a range of interest rate guarantee periods and flexible payout options to help your clients’ secure their retirement.

Meet a variety of needs

Choose your timing
Structure your client’s portfolio to meet their needs. Multiple products are available with guaranteed interest rate periods ranging from 1-15  years.
Fixed rate, tax-deferred

Clients enjoy tax-deferred growth; no federal or state taxes* are due until withdrawals are made.

Access in emergencies

Our fixed annuities** offer access to cash in case of unexpected expenses like a terminal illness or unemployment.

*Additional tax penalties may apply to withdrawals made prior to age 59 ½.
**Product features and availability may vary by state.
Protective Income Creator
Help clients confidently prepare for the unexpected in retirement by protecting income, principal and access. View current interest rates and notable product features.
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Explore our fixed annuity products

Protective Income Creator
A fixed, single premium, deferred annuity with a limited market value adjustment. Designed for clients who want a protected income stream so they don't run out of money in retirement.
Protective Smart Saver
A fixed, limited flexible-premium deferred annuity. Designed for clients who are concerned about safety and seeking greater access to money.
Protective Secure Saver
A fixed, limited, market-value adjusted annuity. Designed for clients seeking to protect principal and reliably accumulate assets that can be withdrawn in retirement.
Tools to grow your business
Whether you need educational content to support your clients, illustration tools to demonstrate value or prospecting materials to help generate interest, we have you covered. Check out our marketing materials to support your sales.
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Ready to work with us?

The first step to doing business with Protective is getting appointed. Learn about our simple, three-step process.
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More annuity options

A portfolio of solutions to address your clients varied needs
Indexed annuities
Market-linked growth with downside protection and a variety of income options.
Variable annuities
A spectrum of competitively priced investment choices with options to customize your planning approach.
Immediate annuities
Helping you convert your clients’ assets into steady income streams.

For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.