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Protective Investors Series Variable Annuity

Low cost, tax-deferred growth with options to help clients diversify their portfolio

Help clients meet retirement planning challenges with confidence

The Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series is a B-share variable annuity offering a simplified solution with a growth focus. It is a tactical vehicle equipped with an expanded offering of investment options. Help your clients navigate market volatility and manage risk.
Competitively priced
Protective’s Variable Annuity Investors Series is a simple, competitively-priced solution that can help clients tax-efficiently grow contract value.
Volatility management options
Access to volatility risk management strategies to navigate the ups and downs of the market and protect against the impact of emotional investing.
Multiple investment choices
The Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series offers quality investment options in a broad range of asset classes, including alternative investments.
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Why Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series?

Find out how this simple, competitively-priced product offers multiple solutions for your clients.
Expanded investment choices
In addition to allowing multiple investment choices, the Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series offers four model portfolios to simplify the asset allocation process.Each offers broad diversification by asset class and fund manager.
Income payment options
If the contract owner has accumulated sufficient assets with their variable annuity contract, they may choose to annuitize. This product offers several options for income payments, from lifetime income to specific term.
Protection for loved ones
This product provides beneficiaries with a death benefit should the contract owner pass away before starting annuity income payments. This death benefit can help more efficiently transfer assets to loved ones.
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Identifying the right clients for this product

Protective Series Balance Annuity offers a good combination of security and growth. Consider sharing this product with your clients who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Would like an initial 60-month interest rate guarantee
  • Want to earn tax-deferred interest
  • Would like a purchase payment bonus
  • Want access to a portion of cash in the event of terminal illness, nursing facility confinement, or unemployment for owner and spouse (subject to qualifications and conditions, may not be available in all states)
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For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Variable annuities are long-term investments intended for retirement planning and involve market risk and the possible loss of principal. Investments in variable annuities are subject to fees and charges from the insurance company and the investment managers.

Policy form numbers, product availability and product features may vary by state. Flexible premium deferred variable and fixed annuity contracts issued under policy form series VDA-P-2006 (PLICO). Allocation Adjustment program endorsement provided under form number VDA-P-5024. Terminal Condition or Nursing Facility Confinement endorsement provided under form number VDA-P-5012.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a variable annuity, any optional protective lifetime income benefit and the underlying investment options before investing. This and other information is contained in the prospectuses for a variable annuity and its underlying investment options. Investors should read the prospectuses carefully before investing. Prospectuses may be obtained by contacting PLICO at 1-800-456-6330.