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Practice Management

Access educational materials, resources and tools that help you build relationships and referrals and better serve your clients.
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Programs to build and strengthen client relationships

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Learn about economic forces and risk factors that are reshaping approaches to retirement planning.
Understanding Social Security
Build your knowledge on Social Security so that you can help your clients better prepare for the future.
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Life check-up
Leverage this helpful step-by-step guide to better identify your clients’ needs and the appropriate product fit.
Working with widows
It takes a specialized and sensitive approach to work with someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. This program can help you retain clients and better serve the needs of widows and widowers.
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Understand Medicare and what it does and doesn’t cover to help your clients plan more effectively for medical expenses
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There's a lot of uncertainty lurking in today's environment. Retirements are getting longer. Markets are unpredictable. New risks are emerging that can derail even the most meticulous retirement plan. Protective Life offers materials to help you better understand these types of risks and explain them to clients. Show clients how unexpected market events can impact their retirement savings using our tools and presentations. Explore our resources to get your clients thinking about how unexpected costs can impact their retirement. 
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Understanding Social Security

Build your knowledge of Social Security to help your clients prepare more effectively for retirement. In our library of resources, you’ll find a full range of educational and sales resources to help you explain the complexities of Social Security. Or use our calculator to determine different options for receiving Social Security benefits.
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Life check-up

Protective Life offers a Life Check-Up program to help you and your clients get the most out of your life insurance policy review meetings. Access videos to help your clients understand life insurance, how it works and the different options available. Or use our customizable brochures and flyers to promote your offerings. Explore Protective’s suite of tools for pinpointing opportunities for changes that will benefit your clients.
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Working with widows 

Clients who are grieving the loss of a spouse require special care and attention. This program offers invaluable advice for navigating those situations that can make you a trusted partner as a widow moves into the next stage of life. Learn a specialized approach to working with widows. Explore our materials to help start delicate conversations about a widow’s financial future. Access materials that empower you to host an informational and supportive seminar for widows, wives and friends. 
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Help your clients become Medicare savvy using our turnkey resources and simple, repeatable approach to surface and discuss key Medicare decisions. Use Protective’s suite of tools to position yourself as a go-to resource and open growth opportunities for your business.
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Work with a partner that’s dedicated to your success

Discover the many benefits of working with Protective Life.
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The first step to doing business with Protective is getting appointed. It’s a simple process.
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For more than 100 years, we’ve helped families protect their financial futures through affordable insurance, asset protection and retirement solutions. We can help you create the right product portfolio for your clients' needs.

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