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Protective Series Foundation Annuity

Strike the balance in retirement with growth potential and access to money.
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Clients can earn interest and enjoy access to money

The Protective® Series Foundation annuity can help provide your clients with the security of knowing their nest egg isn’t vulnerable to market fluctuations. Here’s how it works: Funded with a single payment, the Protective Series Foundation annuity provides an initial guaranteed interest rate for five years with annual rates in the following years. Through the power of tax deferral, the annuity earns interest that isn’t taxed until it’s withdrawn. As interest accumulates, it earns interest too.
Payout options
Choose from several annuity payment methods including equal payments over lifetime, equal payments over a specified period, or equal payments over the longer of the annuitant's lifetime or a specified period.
Tax-free growth
Money grows tax-free with no federal or state taxes due until withdrawal, enabling interest to earn interest.
Withdrawal options
Access to a portion of contract value in the event of terminal illness, nursing facility confinement, or unemployment for owner and spouse.*
*Does not apply to pre-existing conditions. May not be available in all states.
Access contract value
The Protective Series Foundation Annuity allows the contract owner to withdraw 10% of the contract value each year without imposing a withdrawal charge.
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Initial guarantee period
This annuity comes with a five-year initial guarantee period. At the end of the guarantee period, the annuity will earn tax-deferred interest at the current renewal rate in effect at that time, resetting annually.
Return of premium
The return of premium feature is an option available at no additional cost that must be selected at the time of application. It provides protection if the contract owner decides to surrender the annuity.*
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*Contracts with this feature will likely earn a lower interest rate than those without it.



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Identifying the right clients for this product

Protective Series Foundation Annuity offers guaranteed and steady income designed to last a lifetime, regardless of how markets perform. Consider sharing this product with your clients who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Would like an initial 60-month interest rate guarantee
  • Want to earn tax-deferred interest
  • Would like the option to access to a portion of contract value in the event of terminal illness, nursing facility confinement, or unemployment for owner and spouse

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For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Single premium deferred fixed annuity contracts issued under policy form series LDA-P-2015 (PLICO) and LDA-A-2015 (PLAIC).Policy form numbers, product availability and features may vary by state.

Annuities are long-term insurance contracts intended for retirement planning.

Protective is a registered trademark and Protective Series Foundation is a trademark of Protective Life.