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Protective ProPayer Income Annuity NY

Designed for clients with an immediate and continuing need for an annuity income payment stream
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Protective ProPayer Income Annuity NY
The Protective ProPayer® Income Annuity NY may be the right choice for your clients in New York who want to benefit from the features of an annuity and desire flexibility with the structure of your annuity income payments. This product can provide an immediate and ongoing income payment stream with options available to address greater income or access needs.
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Why ProPayer Income Annuity NY?

Help your clients in New York access a dependable income stream in retirement
Dependable income stream
Choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual income payments.
Optional benefits
Annual annuity income payment increases available at an additional cost.
Good option for seniors
Life with cash refund annuity income payment options available to clients up to 85 years old and life with certain period or life with installment refund annuity income payment options available through age 99.
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Choices for your clients

PAYPlus option
The PAYPlus option provides annual annuity income payment increases that compound on the anniversary of the first annuity income payment. Annual increase of up to 10% of the prior year’s annuity income payment are available.
Income payment options
Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually (begin immediately or up to one year from purchase) annuity income payment options available.
Identifying the right clients for this product

ProPayer Income Annuity NY is designed for your New York clients with an immediate and continuing need for an annuity income payment stream. Consider sharing this product with your clients who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Would like flexible income payments
  • Want income payment options
  • Would like to the option to increase income
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Ready to work with us?

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This is a summary of product features. Please consult the contract for a complete explanation of benefits, limitations and exclusions.

Simple premium immediate annuity contracts issues under policy form series AF-2112 (PLAIC). Policy form numbers, product availability and product features may vary by state.