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Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity

Give clients the retirement security they need with guaranteed income for life.
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Retirement income that’s guaranteed to last

In the face of potential market declines, unexpected expenses and rising healthcare costs, your clients want solutions to safely grow their assets for a solid income plan. Protective® Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity with Guaranteed Income Benefit may help you create a plan that offers your clients guaranteed growth potential and steady income designed to last a lifetime – no matter what the market does or how long they live.
Guaranteed rate of return
Clients have a 4% benefit base roll-up regardless of market performance.
Choose one of two payout options at benefit election to fit with your client’s retirement strategy.
Access to funds in critical situations
Access to funds in the event your client or their spouse become unemployed, terminally ill or are confined to a nursing facility*
Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity is available for sale through a limited distribution model. Please contact your BGA to confirm availability.
* Certain qualifications must be met to receive these benefits.

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Guaranteed retirement income for life
Show clients how to prepare for life’s uncertainties with guaranteed income they can’t outlive.
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Why Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity?

This indexed annuity can offer your client a way to manage retirement risks such as rising healthcare costs or outliving their money. Plus it offers features to help guarantee growth up front and provide flexibility should your client’s needs change.
Choose one of two payment options at benefit election.
Guaranteed income benefit
A 4% simple interest roll up guarantees annual benefit base growth for the first 15 contract years or until benefit withdrawals begin (if earlier). Clients enjoy additional benefit base bonuses of 15% after five years and 20% after ten years for waiting to take income.
Multiple crediting strategies
Clients have opportunities to enhance income with four interest crediting strategies and two indices.
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Identifying the right client for this product

Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity is intended for clients seeking security because they worry about running out of income in retirement. Consider sharing this product with your clients who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Do they worry about running out of money in retirement?
  • Do they have a longer time horizon?
  • Do they want to establish predictable monthly income?
  • Do they prefer increasing income over a higher initial payment?
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For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Annuities are long-term insurance contracts intended for retirement planning.

Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity is a limited flexible premium deferred indexed annuity contract with a limited market value adjustment, issued under contract form series FIA-P-2010 and FIA-P-2011 and state variations thereof. The Guaranteed Income Benefit is provided under rider form series FIA-P-6048. Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity is issued by Protective Life Insurance Company located in Nashville, TN. Contract form numbers, product availability and features may vary by state.

Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity is not an investment in any index, is not a security or stock market investment, does not participate in any stock or equity investment, and does not contain dividends