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Protective Advantage Choice UL

Designed for clients who are looking for long-term death benefit protection and flexible features, plus the potential for cash value accumulation.
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Protective Advantage Choice UL offers strong guarantees for clients
Protective Advantage ChoiceSM UL offers your clients an affordably priced universal life insurance policy which can provide lifetime protection, flexible features and potential cash value accumulation based on a fixed rate of interest. With premium payment and death benefit flexibility in addition to access to optional riders and endorsements, Protective Advantage Choice UL offers tailored coverage to meet your clients’ specific circumstances and needs.
Identifying clients who may be right for Advantage Choice UL

Protective Advantage Choice UL from Protective Life can be ideal for clients that are seeking long-term coverage and strong guarantees for competitive premiums. Consider sharing this product with your clients who meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Need a competitively priced solution for the long-term
  • Desire flexibility to access funds to handle unexpected circumstances
  • Leverage options and riders to customize the policy to meet their particular needs
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  • Features
  • Optional benefits


With the Protective Advantage Choice UL, your clients have the option of premium flexibility.

Lapse protection endorsement

Built-in lapse protection based on the premiums paid and the formulas described in the Lapse Protection Endorsement.

Tax-deferred growth

A portion of each premium payment goes into the “policy value” which is the part of the policy that earns interest.

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Accidental death benefit rider

Can provide extra life insurance coverage and increase the death benefit paid to your client’s beneficiaries if their death results from an accident.

ExtendCareSM Rider

Eligible clients may be able to accelerate a portion of their policy’s death benefit for chronic illness needs.

Income Provider Option

This optional endorsement allows the policy owner to select a guaranteed monthly or annual income stream for the death benefit payout.

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Additional sales resources

Access the tools you need to grow your business.

Tools and calculators
Access to a variety of tools, illustration and quoting systems and calculators to help you with your day-to-day business with clients.
Life needs analysis
Share this worksheet with your clients to help them estimate the right amount of life insurance coverage.
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Prepare custom materials for your clients

A library filled with customized marketing materials is just a few clicks away. Access everything you need to educate clients and grow your business. 
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For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Protective Advantage Choice UL (UL-20) is a universal life insurance policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company, Nashville, TN. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. Consult policies for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. Subject to underwriting. Up to a two-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. In Montana, unisex rates apply.

Lapse protection guarantees the policy death benefit for the duration of the guarantee and does not cover cash or surrender value. Loans, withdrawals and other policy and premium changes will affect the cost and length of protection. Failure to make premium payments as planned may cause the policy to lose lapse protection and premiums required to restore it could be significantly higher. Refer to the policy and endorsements for complete terms, conditions and limitations.