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Protective Series Whole Life Simplified Issue

A policy that provides your clients with a lifetime of guaranteed coverage, Protective Series Whole Life with Simplified Issue offers the convenience of simplified issue, a quick and easy way to apply for up to $250,000 in whole life insurance coverage.
In place of a medical exam, simplified issue allows your clients to apply for coverage by answering a few medical history questions over the phone. This product also offers a guaranteed death benefit, a guaranteed level premium and guaranteed cash value. 
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Issue ages

15 days - 65 years

Face amount

Minimum of $20,000¹ with a maximum of $250,000.

Level premium payment period

Payable to age 100 or 20-Pay.

Access to cash value

Owner may borrow all or part of the loan value at interest, which if unpaid, will reduce the death benefit and may contribute to policy lapse. If requested by owner, premiums will be paid via contract loan.
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¹ Minimum face of $25,001 in WV

Waiver of premium rider

Available for issue ages 18 to 55. Payable if insured is unable to perform own occupation for two years following disability, and any occupation insured is reasonably suited for thereafter. Subject to rider terms and conditions.

Accidental death

Pays an additional benefit upon qualified accidental death (as defined in the policy contract).

Guaranteed insurability rider
The option to purchase additional coverage in the future with no evidence of insurability.
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Policy builds a tax-deferred guaranteed cash value that client can access while still alive for any purpose through loans.
Eligibility is subject to meeting qualification requirements. Underwriting is required if applicant does not qualify for 10-minute approval decision.
This whole life product allows your client to pay in a variety of ways, with guaranteed level premiums over 20 years, or for life.
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The many benefits of working with Protective

We make working with Protective as easy as possible. Our experienced staff will assist you and your clients through every step of the policy lifecycle.
Online tools
Access customizable marketing tools that support your sales process
Reputable company
Protective Life is a dependable, values-driven company offering a broad portfolio of life and specialty insurance and annuities that provide your clients financial support when they need it most.
Flexible solutions
We offer a complete suite of temporary and permanent life insurance policies as well as a broad portfolio of annuity solutions to fit the needs of a variety of customers.
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Get appointed

The first step to doing business with Protective is getting appointed. It’s a simple process.

For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Protective Series Whole Life (ICC13-WL4/WL-4 7-13) is a non-participating whole life policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company PLICO, Nashville, TN) in all states except New York where it is issued under (WL-04-NY 7-13) by Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company (PLAIC, Birmingham, AL). Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. Consult the policy for benefits, riders, limitations, and exclusions. Up to a two-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. In Montana, unisex rates apply. All payments and guarantees are subject to the claims of the issuing company.