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Parents camping with their two children symbolizing that they have a lot of financial planning to prepare for in the future
Planning your financial future

Sample budget that'll get you saving

Explore some sample budgets that will help you get started with some financial planning and savings.

Does the thought of creating a budget from scratch make you freeze up? Are all your good intentions blocked when you try and put a pencil to paper or figure out where to put what in a spreadsheet?
While many of us know that we can benefit from some type of budget, creating one from scratch can be a bit daunting. For this reason, we’re giving you three websites to sample budgets that’ll give you some great ideas as to how to get started and get saving!

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If you’re looking to create a budget for a family of four, this website can point you in the right direction. By taking you through a series of very simple budgeting questions, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how you can begin to build your own budget. It also gives you some nifty ideas on working with and sticking to your budget.

Money instructor

On this website, you’ll be able to see what an actual sample budget looks like. While it’s not an interactive sample budget, it can help you get a visual idea of what a typical budget should include. You can take this information and pencil it out in a notebook, or plug some of the information in your own spreadsheet. Once you have the basics, you can easily make additions according to your individual needs.

For those who want a no-frills approach to a sample budget, this website is for you. Here you’ll find a sample budget in the form of a prefilled, printable worksheet that you can use immediately. It breaks down just about every category you can think of, including investments and savings.

These are just a few sample budgets that can get you started on creating your own unique budgeting system. For more information on money management and budgeting, visit the Protective Learning Center.



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