• New Parent Orientation
  • Three Things I Wish I Could Make My Teenagers Understand (But I Know They Won’t)

    This mother’s heart wishes that her life lessons could make her teen’s high school years easier – but she knows they won’t listen.

    The Day Dad Let Go

    Dads teach us life lessons every step of the way. And with each step, they let go a little more.

    Advice To New Parents

    What does it mean to be a good parent? It's a question so many of us wrestle with as we raise our children. And in today's world, there's no...

    Teach Your Children to be Financially Independent

    Financial lessons are a part of giving your children a bright future. Getting them ready to manage money and how to set long-term goals are all important lessons to teach while they are young.

    The Financial Facts of Motherhood

    The financial implications of motherhood means moms must adjust their finances to fit the needs of their growing family whether they are a m...

    The Parenting Conundrum

    With only 18 years in which to prepare my children for the outside world, I've begun to look around and wonder if I've done enough or too mu...

    You’re the Mom

    Moms, you really are superheroes. Without you, we wouldn’t know how to tie our shoes, drive a car, love ourselves or others. Our video, “You’re the Mom,” is a fun and powerful look at what you do every day.

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