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  • Robert,San Francisco, CA09/22/2017

    The Best during a tough time.

    This was a great experience and I was thankful to have them.

    Nancy,New Jersey07/13/2017

    Great Company!

    Very prompt payment upon my husband's passing. I had to make a few calls, the people at the Insurance Company were very attentive and helpful to get the check sent to me.

    carolj,Pleasant Prairie, WI06/22/2017

    Seamless Claim

    The claim I filed was for a suicide situation. There were no issues with the death certificate, received the money exactly as promised.

    Barkman,Lincoln, NE06/21/2017

    Death Benefit - CYBarker

    My wife past away and the process to request & receive the death benefit went very smoothly. Everyone I talked with were very friendly and the information they provided was greatly appreciated.

    grammy2nhnan,Elk Grove, California06/05/2017

    Very Smooth Process

    My husband purchased this policy in December 1998 and continues to pay on the Term Policy all these years. He passed away in February 2017. I called Protective about 10 days after his passing. They sent me the forms and I returned them by the end of March with a copy of his death certificate. By the first week of May 2017 I had my check with the full amount of the policy. There were no glitches or delays. The process was efficient and smooth and did not cause me any unnecessary anxiety at a very difficult time in my life.

    Debbie318830,Donalds, SC05/31/2017

    Very professional.

    I really appreciated the compassion extended to me throughout the process.


    You made a difficult time a little easier. Thanks

    A death in the family is always traumatic....you made this claim go smoothly

    Dev1,Washington DC03/15/2017

    Overall process clear and organized

    The forms to be filled out were clear and relatively simple. Staff was very helpful with any clarifications needed.


    Streamlined experience, as painless as possible

    I recently had interactions with Protective because of a death in my family. I dreaded dealing with the insurance claims. Protective made it as seamless as possible and paid out the claim in a relatively short period of time. All of my interactions with them were extremely professional and productive. Would recommend

    JDH12,Los Angeles, CA03/06/2017

    Efficient Payout

    it took awhile from our end to get all the papers together but there was no delay once we sent in the paperwork. Great company! I decided to buy my own life insurance from this company

    philg,Erie, CO02/16/2017

    Simple, prompt claims service

    Insurance companies are always good at collecting premiums, but claims can be different. However, I found Protective Life's process to be amazingly simple and the claims processing faster than I expected with no fuss. The customer support staff was very helpful and I spent very little time on hold.

    Dane,South Carolina01/20/2017


    When my husband died unexpectedly at 66, I realized that what we had done together years ago, in our youth, laughingly, could come true. Your policy has survived the years of money changing hands. However, your people who answer questions and guide recipients through forms and respond again and again to questions deserve the accolade. Bravo, and thanks to them, for personalizing and empathizing at a difficult time.

    Gator lady,Atlanta, GA01/06/2017

    Quick claim process

    They were very quick in the claim process and made it easy for me. They were considerate and very thorough. Highly recommended.

    Mark S,Georgetown, TX12/22/2016

    Excellent Claims service

    I have been extremely happy with both my policy and more importantly my claims experience. I've been an insurance agent for over 30 years and I've always believed that a life insurance company isn't fully tested till you need it. My wife passed away about a month ago. Protective Live walked me through the claims process every step of the way. This coupled with the way they treated me with sincere compassion. They made a difficult time for me bearable. I recommend Protective Live without reservation.

    Jgon,Bowling Green, OH12/11/2016

    Very helpful and respectful

    Protective was very respectful and kind at the worst time on my life they helped me get my claim taken care of quickly and professionally

    Laura51,Rochester mn12/04/2016


    I'm so thankful that we had a protective life policy. It will allow me to stay in my house without hardship.


    Life Insurance claim

    When submitting a claim, they were helpful and sent me all the proper paperwork for applying for the claim to be paid. The claims on both policies were paid in a timely manner.

    Reggie red,Harvey, LA11/06/2016

    Excellent claims handling.

    My wife and I bought this policy when we first moved into our new house 11 years ago. At the time we never really thought one of us would pass and leave the other. I must say that this was probably the best decision we ever made.

    Salyan,Colorado Springs, CO10/28/2016

    So glad for Protective Life Insurance!

    I am so pleased with the service that they provided after my husband passed away. They were kind, sensitive and very efficient in handling everything.

    Dee53,Columbia, MO10/25/2016


    The paperwork was overwhelming after my husband's death and Protective processed everything in a timely manner.

    Jay 60,Massachusetts10/07/2016

    Very Fast Service

    I was prepared for a long and difficult process to collect on my wife's insurance policy. I was pleasantly surprised that the process was very short and easy. I received the proceeds very quickly and I am very grateful.


    No Hassle Life Insurance

    We bought our policies never thinking they would be needed at an early age, but just in case... Well, unfortunately that in case happened and my wife passed away early in life with a rare form of breast cancer. Protective Life made it easy to do the necessary paperwork and paid very quickly. Thanks.

    Pleased Customer,Florida09/16/2016

    Great Company!

    After my dad passed, they were very supportive & expedient with processing my claim!

    Cgrady,North Carolina11/30/2015

    Peace of Mind

    Enrollment process is easy. Monthly draft feature helps me. Peace of mind knowing I don't have to worry about a thing

    valentine daughter,Cornelius, NC11/29/2015

    Christmas time service

    Last year on Dec. 20 I lost my dad. During this time of loss I was also dealing with the joy of the holiday for everyone else. Your representatives were more than helpful and empathetic in working with me and making the claim easy to process, explaining my options and required submissions.

    Patricia,Media, PA11/29/2015

    Claim process

    The agents were kind and helpful and I found the process to be quick.

    AliJanx,Tampa, FL11/26/2015


    My husband passed January 2015 and the Protective Life Insurance representative was professional, compassionate and responsive. We'd had the policy over 15 years and all I had was a copy of the confirmation of payment and the representative went out of his way to make the process smooth for me. To be a sudden widow at age 50 was the most difficult time of my life and Protective Life Insurance made this process as simple as it possibly could have been. Thank you for being respectful of what I was going through.

    Edie525,Bristol, PA11/20/2015

    Easy Claims

    Unfortunately my husband passed at the beginning of the year. We had insurance thru Protective Life and there were no delays in settling our policy.

    Maze,Central, California11/20/2015

    Customer CARE

    I am still grieving, over the loss of my husband, my best friend. He passed away this last memorial day in a tragic accident. I have had a flood of paperwork and other huge issues to deal with since that horrible day. I have to say Protective Life made the process of my claim very easy. All of the representatives I spoke with were sympathetic and kind to my situation. They did have to give me a gentle reminder once as to what I needed to do next, but it was necessary as I had gotten stuck. The claim was easy, no pressure or hassles. An interest bearing account was set up for me, and I don't have to worry about it. Thank you, Protective Life and all your caring employees.

    Melinda McBride,Deltona, FL11/20/2015

    Glad my parents had life insurance with Protective

    This year stayed off so bad with the passing of my father on Jan 1, 2015. He did have a life insurance policy with Protective which enabled me to bury him with FULL HONORS being he was a Navy Vet of 24 years he services or country & had just retired from his 2nd career the day before he passed from the Sherrifs Department. 8 months into the year, my mother passed away as well on August 11, 2015 & she to had a policy. We were able to have a Beautiful Catholic Funeral as well with the help of her policy. Protective was very supported during these 8 months that I had to reach out to them. I could never thank them enough for all they have done for my parents & my family of 6 (4 small children 2 adults) during the most difficult time of my 36 years of life! I thank u from the bottom of my heart Protective for ur Services.

    friman7,Raleigh, NC06/30/2015

    took care of me

    I had this insurance for many years and have been very happy with it.

    Woodzie,Los Angeles, CA06/30/2015

    Everything Went Perfect

    My Dad passed last year, and he had a policy with Protective Life. I called them, and the person I spoke to was sympathetic and very helpful. She told me exactly what to send in, and when she received it, she gave me a call to confirm that she received it. In less than one week, Protective Life sent me a check (which helped immensely with the costs of the funeral). I can't say enough good things about Protective Life.


    AWESOME ins company...treat you great

    My husband and I got this ins when we go married...he passed away last year and I Thank God for the ins. It helped me deal with other stuff while i was in the greiving process...

    Teresa Lange,Fernandina Beach, FL06/30/2015


    The claim was satisfied seamlessly. I lost my husband suddenly and with everything that was happening I am so glad I did not have to worry with the policy being satisfied. Protective Life wrote the check and sent it without question. GRATEFUL!

    wynne,Suwanee, GA06/30/2015

    Protective Life Insurance REview

    My husband purchased Protective .Life Insurance many years ago. I didn't think much of it as you never assume your husband will die at the age of 69. When he died last year of cancer, Protective was th Protective e ONLY company that made the process easy for me. The were understanding, compassionate and easy to deal with and did not make me feel as if I were trying to get away with something. You can't imagine all the paperwork involved in a persons death, with people who as so unfeeling. Anyway the insurance has been very helpful, and though I wish he were here, I am so happy he has the foresight to chose Protective.

    A Blessed Son,Oklahoma City, OK06/30/2015

    Mom's Legacy

    I was a beneficiary of my mom's insurance. We did not know that she had prepared for us in her passing. We should not have been surprised, she always considered her kids before herself and even in her death she did just that! I am so blessed to have had a mom whose selfless expression was her undying legacy. Protective Life was so courteous and sensitive in our time of loss. We were extremely pleased with the options we had for our benefit payment. Thank you for helping us during this time!

    rkpatter,Stone Mountain, GA06/25/2015

    No Hassle with Settlement

    My husband died suddenly last year. His life insurance was paid quickly and without causing any extra burden on my family. I am so grateful our policies are with Protective Life.


    Speedy Payment!

    Payment of a life policy was efficient and quick. nice to have a company that takes care of policy holders in their time of despair when a loved one is lost.

    NPK21,Chicago, IL06/24/2015

    Life insurance

    The payout on a Protective life insurance policy was hassle-free and speedy. Protective also offered an option of holding money in an interest bearing account. The customer service was pleasant and competent.

    Wigs35,Baton Rouge LA06/24/2015

    Good people

    I have been very pleased with Protective Life. Very good people, who follow through with excellent, seamless service.

    ordinarygal,Monterey, CA06/24/2015

    Good Experience

    Protective Life staff were very easy to work with and answered all my questions clearly and accurately. My claim was processed quickly and paper correspondence was sent to my home to document everything. Very impressed with the level of customer service and competency.

    Trish,Tierra Verde, FL12/09/2014

    Best and Courteous Claims Process

    When my spouse passed away, the claims processor was extremely sensitive and very helpful in helping me with my claim.


    Appreciate the help

    In the end, it took less time than I had anticipated to have my claim handled. A few frustrations during the process, but, overall, I am satisfied.

    Tomn,North Dakota08/20/2017

    Great service

    I was very pleased with the service and prompt information. I spoke with one lady on the phone and one gentleman via email. Both times I was impressed with them.

    ValM,Rogers, AR07/20/2017

    Life insurance

    Good experience. I was able to execute my document efficiently. Good customer service

    VJJV,Dallas, TX07/03/2017

    Good experience but could have been much better

    The Good: Everyone my family and I talked to during the claim process were extremely professional and pleasant. The "Needs Improvement": During the initial claim process we were told that some of the forms needed to be Notarized so we planned for that service. In reality none of the forms needed a Notary (one form just needed a Witness). The form used by the Grandchildren was filled out appropriately, printed, and then mailed in. Upon receiving the document Protective Life contacted us and informed us that photocopies were not allowed. Although understandable this rule should be clearly printed on all forms or clearly stated in the initial claims packet. Our initial payout checks were calculated incorrectly. After speaking with a representative we received our full payout in a separate check. Although we were glad things were finalized one would figure that payouts would be double, triple, or quadruple-verified.


    Policy was paid promptly.

    I received the insurance check in a timely manner once I submitted the requested paperwork for proof of claim. Curiously, the same day I received the check, I received another piece of correspondence from Protective Life saying they still had not received the requested paperwork. ?



    Long time client, they were there when I needed them.



    My husband passed away suddenly, the people were very nice, but the amount of paperwork was intimidating for one still in shock.

    Denny,Mountville, PA07/01/2015

    No problems

    My wife died fall of 2014 and the claim was made and everything went well. I ws quite pleased with the way the claim was handled.

    Steve,Farmington, MI12/04/2014

    Easy to make claims

    Our clients often times need to change their living benefits. The interface you have with our firm makes it easy.

    Nanalynnie,Commerce, GA12/04/2014

    Protected with Protective Life

    My husband passed from Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer after only 7 months from diagnosis. In the back of your mind, you worry about the "what ifs" so I was very thankful that I listened to my "what ifs" and had life insurance for my husband. I had to take Family Medical Leave from my job and used the "terminally life ending" up front portion of his life insurance money for us to make our financial ends meet that afforded him to be able to go out of state for his cancer treatments and I was able to be with him during these three months and then at the end I was able to be at home with him for two months in Hospice Care. It was a blessing to have this money available - if not, I would not been able to care for him. The money allowed us to be together and face his life ending journey as a couple as I was with him every step of the way.

    Rob C,Otisco, IN06/07/2017

    Slow process

    I had 3 insurance policies in place & Protective was the last one to send me a check. Expect them to take at least 2-3 weeks to settle, even if your policy is beyond the 2 year contestability period.


    worst experience at most traumatic time of my life

    Dealing with this company was the single most frustrating experience of my life. I filled out the same paperwork 5 times. There was no communication from them only my inquiries into why I did not hear anything from them. It took nearly 5 months to get death benefits from my husband's life insurance policy. So not only did I have to deal with his death I had to worry about how my children and I were gonna survive. It took so long my current home went up for auction before I could find a place to live. Loosing my husband and the father of my children was traumatic enough, dealing with these people made it so much worse.

    NewWidow,Elizabeth City, NC12/11/2014

    Poor customer service

    The customer service at this company is poor- as in, completely unresponsive.


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    Tanya CC11/24/2016

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