• Careers Embrace Opportunity
  • A Commitment to our Heritage

    Since our founding in 1907, Protective has experienced significant change and growth in response to evolving business and market demands. Still, for more than a century we have remained steadfast in our commitment to managing and living by our values in all we do.

    Work/Life Balance

    We recognize time spent at work is only one part of a larger life picture. To help our employees achieve balance in their at-work and at-home lives, we offer a unique environment that supports wellness programs and incentives, flexible work hours, generous paid time off and more.

    Finding Your Fit

    If you’re looking for a work environment that is relaxed yet challenging, fun yet professional, forward-thinking yet rooted in history, consider Protective. We offer rewarding work, advancement opportunities and an organization where everyone is on a first-name basis—just ask our CEO, Johnny.