• How To Save for College
  • Understanding 529 Plans

    What are the types of 529 Plans and who can qualify? We discuss this and more in our primer on 529 College Savings Plans.

    Getting Money for College

    Financial planning for college may sound complicated, but there are several websites that help you find scholarships and funding that you qu...

    5 Little Steps to Start a College Fund for a Baby

    These five little steps could help you start a college fund for a baby which can help help secure peace of mind for you and secure higher ed...

    Pre-paid Tuition vs. College Savings Plan

    You have choices in which type of 529 plan you may start, but it is important to know the differences. Some benefits may be more important to you than others. Explore the differences now.

    A Smarter Way to Save for College

    While most parents want their children to go to college, many are not taking full advantage of the best ways to save, including 529s and bas...

    Accepting Donations for Your Child's College Savings

    If you want to send your kids to college, why not let friends and relatives help? There are services that allow them to donate to a 529 - an...

    Paying for College

    This article explains three ways to reduce college expenses, including receiving grants and scholarships, applying for part-time jobs, and completing the FAFSA.

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  • Protect Tomorrow with an Education.
    Our goal at Protective is to help you protect tomorrow for you and your loved ones. For many of us, that means doing what we can to ensure our child has a good college education. You’ll find information in our college planning section to get you started and links to other helpful resources for more information.
    You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Plan for Your Child’s College Education.
    What you do need is a plan that you can start and stick to. All of the articles in our college planning section are designed to provide you with helpful ideas, basic tools and information to empower you to get started on your college planning. From 529 plans, to tuition assistance to scholarships and other forms of financial aid, there are many ways to tackle the price tag that now comes with a college education. You’ll find this information here.
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