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    We want to help you make informed decisions, which is why this section provides you with objective information so that you can educate yourself on life insurance.

    Whether you’re trying to understand the difference between whole and term life insurance or you’re trying to determine how much you need, you’ll find that information here. 

  • The information presented in our learning center is designed to provide a high-level introduction to a topic and is for educational purposes only. We always recommend you speak to a qualified financial advisor or insurance representative about your individual situation.
  • Life insurance education at your fingertips.

    Life insurance is complicated. From understanding the types of insurance available to deciphering exactly what each type could do for you, there’s a lot to learn about life insurance. At Protective, we like to say that our goal is to tear down barriers like complexity for our customers. That’s why we created the life insurance education available here. We want to ensure you have the right information to make informed decisions about your needs.
    So whether you need to educate yourself about universal life or you want to understand how the underwriting process works, we try to tackle those educational topics and help you get the information you need.
    More Educational Topics Available.
    Our life insurance information and education is just the start of what is available to you in our learning center. You’ll find articles and videos on retirement, annuities, planning for college and a wide range of other financial planning topics in this section. The goal with each article is to break down a topic and help you get answers that will better enable you to protect your financial tomorrow.
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