• Boomer Esiason: His Personal Story about Life Insurance

  • Boom Esiason is best known as a record-setting NFL quarterback and TV broadcaster, but there was a time in his life that wasn’t so easy. At the age of seven, Boomer’s mother passed away changing his family’s life in an instant. Do you have peace of mind that your family is protected if something happens to you? Will they be ok financially? Do you know how to protect your loved ones?

    Understanding Life Insurance

    There are many resources online to help you learn the basics of life insurance and what you need to ensure your family is protected. We also understand that financial planning and preparedness is about more than just life insurance. That’s why we’ve pulled together some information to help. Here are just a few quick links to get you started:

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  • Boom Esiason’s personal story about the impact on his family after his mother’s passing illustrates why life insurance is so important. When it comes to life insurance, everyone has questions. What kind should I buy? How much do I need? What is the difference between term and permanent insurance, and what do they mean? If It can be confusing, but it is better to be informed today so your family’s tomorrow. While this section can’t answer every question you may have, it will help give you a great start.
    At Protective Life, we have tools online that can help you protect the future even if you’re not around to provide for your family. We also understand that financial planning and preparedness is about more than just life insurance. That’s why you will find a number of general education videos and articles on our website to help you with everything from budgeting to charitable giving. Education is just one way we try to help you protect your financial tomorrow. So whether you choose Protective or another carrier, we hope you’ll make it priority to plan for your family’s future. We believe you’ll find it gives you the peace of mind to embrace and enjoy today.