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Life Insurance Detailed Needs Analysis

A good way to determine how much life insurance you may need is a Detailed Needs Analysis exercise that factors in your needs and obligations, and takes into account the value of your liquid assets.

Take a DNA Test from Protective Life

Have you taken a DNA test to understand your life insurance needs?

Today, nearly 30 percent of Americans believe that their life insurance needs aren't being met and agree that they need more life insurance coverage.1 But how do you know how much life insurance you may need? And what's the best method to ensure that you're not underestimating your life insurance needs so that if you were to die tomorrow, your family wouldn't suffer financial hardship? Thankfully, a Detailed Needs Analysis or DNA test, can be the key to understanding how much life insurance you may need.

A DNA test works by carefully considering your individual needs and obligations, as well as your current assets. It can provide you with a calculated snapshot of how much life insurance you may need so that if you weren't here tomorrow, your family would have the money for both short and long-term needs. That's putting cash into their pockets for immediate costs that include final expenses and medical bills, as well as money for ongoing needs such as food, clothing, and housing.

At Protective Life, we understand that everyone has different life insurance needs and that no two DNA tests are alike. This video shows you how you can better protect your family and their future by taking a DNA test - TODAY!

1. LIMRA 2015 Insurance Barometer Study

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