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Whole life insurance

Protective's whole life policies offer immediate protection and are guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's lifetime or through the maturity date as long as premium payments are maintained. Optional riders allow you to customize an offering based on client needs.

Why consider whole life insurance?

Whole life policies offer an immediate death benefit that can be guaranteed for the life of the contract owner.
With low face amounts available and simplified issue options, this is a highly accessible option for many.
Optional benefits
Whole life insurance products offer optional riders and endorsements to meet your clients’ precise needs.
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Life insurance 101
Share the benefits of life insurance with this consumer-approved video. Select video image to watch and share now.
Understanding life insurance guide
This consumer-approved brochure gives your clients a brief overview of the different types of life insurance available. 
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The LIFE Equation

Factoring in everything from loans and income to expenses and estate planning, our LIFE Equation Calculator helps determine the right amount of life insurance coverage for your prospects via a simple equation.

Listening for life
Every time you talk to a customer or prospect is an occasion to introduce life insurance. But when and how should you? We’re here to help with suggestions that you can put to work right away. 
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Whole life products

Deliver peace of mind with policies guaranteed to remain in force.
Protective Non-Participating Whole Life
This product offers a level death benefit with all premiums, values and benefits guaranteed.
Protective Series Whole Life Simplified Issue
A Protective Series Whole Life policy provides a lifetime of guaranteed coverage. Our simplified issue feature allows your clients to apply for life insurance without a lengthy application or medical exam.
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Prepare custom materials for your clients

A library filled with customized marketing materials is just a few clicks away. Access everything you need to educate clients and grow your business. 
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Get appointed
The first step to doing business with Protective is getting appointed. It’s a simple process.
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