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Who we are

Protective provides protection that fits your life, because we believe everyone deserves a sense of security and freedom. It's who we are and who we've always been, protecting people for more than 110 years through life insurance, asset protection and retirement products.

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Our commitments

We're committed to working as hard as you do to support your dreams. We're on the side of protectors like you, no matter where you're going or how big you dream.

You at the center

We put you at the heart of every decision, always striving to better understand, serve and be by your side — for life.

More within your reach

We make real protection accessible for real people, so you can achieve the security, freedom and impact you want.

Promise delivered, always

Our courage and conviction to do what's right keeps us committed to always delivering for you.

Going further for you

We're always pushing to find new and better ways to protect you, proactively learning and evolving to do more good for all.


Our mission

We believe in helping more people achieve the protection and security they deserve. To us, it's not complicated. It's simply our duty and responsibility to put people first. Because we're all protectors.

Leadership and board of directors
A strong company begins with strong leaders. Our executive team is committed to upholding the values that have led to our success.
Corporate governance
In keeping with our values, certain guidelines provide the general framework for the governance of Protective Life Corporation.
Family of companies
Our family of companies shares our vision and core values, and all work hard to ensure the financial success of our customers, share owners, distribution partners and employees.
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Learn more about Protective

Protective has three core sites in Birmingham, Cincinnati and St. Louis, along with a robust virtual workforce.
Achieving our mission starts with you. That’s why we care for and support each other like family. The work we do helps millions of people, and you can be a part of it.
Corporate sustainability
Protective's sustainability plan focuses on three primary pillars where we see opportunity for continued growth and impact by living out our purpose as protectors.
Our Products

Our products

  • Life insurance
  • Retirement annuities
Life insurance
Life insurance from Protective can help provide financial security for your loved ones when they need it most. We offer a wide array of innovative life insurance solutions. 

You may know the importance of life insurance, but have you considered all the ways it can be used or what life events can affect your insurance needs?

We have resources to help, and for some types of insurance, we can give you a free online quote.

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Retirement annuities

You protect your car, your home and even your life with insurance, but are you leaving your retirement income unprotected?


Annuities from Protective may help you grow — and protect — your retirement income.


With potential for tax-deferred growth and a guaranteed income stream, annuities can be important to your retirement objectives. Find out if an annuity may be right for you.

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Support Line

Still have questions?

Protective has been protecting people for more than 110 years. Today, we continue to provide the sense of security everyone deserves through life insurance, asset protection and retirement products.