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Sales and support solutions from Protective Life

With a full array of life insurance products to choose from, Protective empowers you to meet your clients’ unique needs.
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities

Value-designed products

Life insurance can be the cornerstone of a family’s financial security so helping your clients choose a life insurance company is not something to be taken lightly.

Innovative capabilities

Life insurance isn’t one size fits all. That’s why Protective offers unique features and strategies that can help meet client needs.

Protective Velocity

Our suite of digital capabilities allows you to accelerate the process of identifying, quoting, underwriting and maintaining a life insurance policy.
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Products to help your clients meet their goals.

Simple, client-friendly, and value-focused product designs for asset growth, protection and guaranteed income

Support for your sales efforts

Dedicated sales support, with a needs-based selling philosophy to better support your business and solve retirement challenges

Value-added programs

Value-added programs to support business growth, educate advisors, and simplify complex topics for retirees, including Medicare, Social Security, navigating retirement in today’s uncertain environment.
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Life insurance solutions to protect tomorrow

Term Life
An affordable way for your clients to provide financial security for their beneficiaries
Whole Life
Permanent life insurance that offers long-term benefits, cash value and a fixed interest rate
Universal Life
Affordable, flexible and offering innovative features, this versatile product meets a variety of needs
Variable Universal Life
Permanent, flexible life insurance that offers both a death benefit and cash value growth potential
Indexed Universal Life
Lifetime protection and flexible features, plus market-linked cash value growth based on positive changes in one or more indexes
Single Payment Whole Life
Solution offering a guaranteed death benefit larger than the single payment; great solution for asset transfer
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Annuity solutions for varying retirement needs

Fixed Annuities
Innovative, customer-focused products offering relatively low risk, guaranteed growth and lifetime income.
Indexed Annuities
Annuities offering market-linked growth with downside protection.
Immediate Annuities
With competitive rates, this product offers a variety of payout options.
Single Payment Deferred Annuities
Provide the security of tax-deferred growth with guaranteed interest rates along with the opportunity to generate a stream of income for life.
Registered Index-Linked Annuities
Protect against major losses while offering opportunities to grow retirement assets based on the performance of selected market indices.
Variable Annuities
Innovative, customer-focused solutions for growing and protecting retirement income.
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Explore other resources from Protective

We provide a variety of tools, educational materials and programs to help you grow your business and help clients identify which solutions best meet their needs.
Our value added programs help you customize your approach to prospecting and working with clients.
Marketing materials
We offer a wide range of materials to support you in the selling process including brochures, fliers, mailers, presentations and seminars.
Sales concepts
We provide materials and resources tailored to match your clients’ unique situations from retirement planning and business continuation to estate planning and wealth transfer.
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Get appointed

The first step to doing business with Protective is getting appointed. It’s a simple process.

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