• Why Choose Protective?

    Costco has chosen Protective as their exclusive life insurance provider for a variety of reasons, including value, stability and financial strength. For more than a century, Protective has been helping protect and provide for the next generation. So when Costco was ready to choose a life insurance provider for their members, Protective was the clear choice.

    Count on Protective’s Strength and Stability

    The strength of our promise to customers is backed by the financial stability and long-term performance of our company. The major ratings agencies track our efforts and you can review our strong financial ratings for yourself.

    Who We Are

    Founded in 1907, Protective was created on the ideal that we would help serve both our clients and the communities in which we operate. Today, Protective and its New York affiliates offer products in all 50 states and service more than 7 million contracts/policies. And we pay out more than $2 billion in claims each year to fulfill the promises we make to our customers and their loved ones.

    Our Mission

    Protective is not only our name, it’s our mission. We’ve been helping people protect their family’s financial futures for more than 100 years with affordable, quality life insurance and retirement products. We are continually working to simplify and demystify some of the more traditional life insurance processes that keep people from acting on their desires to protect their families. This includes creating fast online applications and teaming up with groups like Costco to make it easier than ever for people to buy the life insurance protection they need.