• How Much Do You Know About Life Insurance?

    These life insurance statistics may surprise you.

    In 2017, the insurance industry trade group LIMRA and the non-profit Life Happens® completed a study of consumers and life insurance. In that study, 80% of consumers miscalculated the price of term life insurance. Now that’s a sobering statistic.

    Check out this infographic for some other interesting facts:

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    Two in three adults think life insurance is too expensive, and in general people drastically overestimate what it costs to buy life insurance. The fact is, Costco members can purchase $250,000 of life insurance through Protective Life for less than 51 cents a day.1 That’s less than it would cost for a few lattes a month from your neighborhood coffee shop.

    Why not find out how affordable life insurance could be for you and your family? 

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