• About the Product

    Member Advantage Life UL | Universal Life Insurance

    Get the valuable life insurance you need from Costco’s trusted service provider: Protective Life Insurance Company.

    Understanding the life insurance product

    Member Advantage Life® UL

    Protective and Costco have joined forces to bring Costco members one of the most valuable life insurance products on the market. This unique universal life product has some of the same features as many term life products available, but is generally less expensive – members saved an average of 15% compared to other products in the marketplace.1 View the Product Guide for more information. 

    Take a look at what Member Advantage Life UL offers:

    • Flexible life insurance protection for 10 or 20 years, with options to extend your coverage for your lifetime should your needs change
    • An extended level payment period to match the policy length you select – with an additional reduction in premium for the first 5 years of payments
    • Premium payments and coverage amounts that can change based on your needs
    • Usually less expensive than other term, universal or whole products

    Exclusive Benefits for Costco Members

    Our goal is to provide the value you expect as a Costco member. That’s why Protective Life offers you:

    • Life insurance coverage with an average savings of 15% compared to other products in the marketplace
    • Extra savings for Costco Executive members
    • A streamlined online application process – that allows you to take advantage of one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started protecting your family 
    • With the potential for some applicants to avoid a medical exam2

    Here is sample pricing for a male, non-smoker, age 40, select preferred for $100,000 of coverage, with a 20-year period:

    Gold Star Member Card

    • Years 1-5: $9.55 (Monthly)
    • Years 6-20: $11.54 (Monthly)

    Executive Member Card

    • Years 1-5: $9.10 (Monthly)
    • Years 6-20: $10.90 (Monthly)