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Indexed annuities

Indexed annuities from Protective are designed to help you plan and secure your retirement by allowing opportunity for your money to grow — with protection to limit the risk to your investment. They may offer a minimum interest rate with upside potential from a specific market index. Work with your financial professional to find out if an annuity may be right for you.
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Benefits of indexed annuities

Fixed and market-linked growth
Indexed annuities may offer a guaranteed minimum interest rate. Because some investment strategies are tied to a stock market index, they also offer growth potential beyond the minimum rate.
Access to money

With an indexed annuity, you may be able to withdraw up to 10% of the contract value each year with no surrender charges.* However, amounts not withdrawn under this provision within a given year may not carry over to the next.

Choice of income options
Annuity payouts can be set up for a fixed amount of time or guaranteed for life. You can also have lifetime coverage with a certain period guaranteed - so if you pass during this time, payments continue to your beneficiary.
*The contract value after each withdrawal must be at least $10,000.
Withdrawals reduce the annuity’s remaining death benefit, contract value, cash surrender value and future earnings. Withdrawals may be subject to income tax and, if taken prior to age 59 ½, an additional 10% IRS tax penalty may apply. More frequent withdrawals may reduce earnings more than annual withdrawals.
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What makes indexed annuities from Protective different?

At Protective, we offer multiple strategies to take advantage of market gains while limiting downside risk. The guarantees offered in any annuity are backed by the strength of the issuing insurance carrier. Protective Life has more than 100 years of serving customers like you who trusted in our financial strength and stability. Work with your financial professional to find out if an annuity may be right for you.
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See if an indexed annuity is right for you

If you want the potential to grow your retirement nest egg, but are concerned about the volatility of the stock market, an indexed annuity may be right for you.

If you want to secure an income stream for retirement, but want the potential to continue to grow your money with limited risk, you might consider an indexed annuity.

Why choose Protective Life for your indexed annuity?
When you purchase an annuity for retirement, you begin a long-term relationship with a life insurance company. You want to be sure that company has the experience, character and strength to serve you now and in the future. You want to be confident that company will back its promises for the long term. Protective Life’s commitment to help you protect tomorrow is backed by more than 100 years of serving customers like you, as well as our financial strength and stability.
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Get a retirement annuity with Protective Life

Protective Life offers a wide variety of annuities to meet your needs. Work with your financial professional to find out if an annuity may be right for you. For more information on annuities, visit our learning center.
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The Learning Center can help you get smart about retirement annuity options

What is an annuity?
Need more information about annuities and how they work? We can help.
3 tips for selecting an annuity
Choosing an annuity is easier when you know what to look for.
7 annuity payment options
Make sure you understand how you can fund an annuity.

An indexed annuity is not an investment in an index, is not a security or stock market investment and does not participate in any stock or equity investments.

Annuities are not a deposit, not insured by any federal government agency, carry no bank or credit union guarantee, are not FDIC/NCUA insured and may lose value.

All payments and guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company.