• Protective Life Foundation
  • Contribution Guidelines

    An organization must meet the following criteria in order to submit a proposal to the Protective Life Foundation:

    • Must be an IRS-certified, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organization
    • Must be within the Foundation's targeted funding area, which is primarily the metro Birmingham area
    • Must have strong financials and a current operating budget
    • Must have strong leadership with an organized local board of directors or advisory board
    • Must be in concert with Protective life Corporation's culture, mission and values

    Generally, proposals from the following organizations will not be considered:

    • Organizations not within the Foundation's targeted funding area
    • Public or private schools with grades K-12, including athletic, music, band or any other fundraising activities or initiatives
    • Houses of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.), public facilities primarily funded by tax revenues (public libraries, etc.), state organizations or state-supported organizations
    • Animal-related causes
    • Sporting events, to include walks, runs, golf tournaments, etc.
    • Other corporate or private foundations
    • Nonprofits that conduct grant making to other organizations/groups/individuals

    New policy as of January I, 2017-

    The Protective Life Foundation will sponsor only one fundraising event (dinner/luncheon/activity), if approved, per nonprofit per calendar year.