• Giving Back.
  • Criteria for Submitted Proposals

    Please provide the following information when submitting a request to the Protective Life Foundation. Failure to include all relevant material may result in the exclusion of the request from the Foundation's review cycle.

    I. Proposal (maximum of 4 pages)

    1. Signed cover letter
    2. Name, address, phone, e-mail and contact person of organization seeking the grant
    3. Mission/brief overview of the organization
    4. Intended use of the request
    5. Project description and evaluation
    6. Specific amount of request, including whether it is a single or multi-year request 

    II. Financials (in addition to the proposal) 

    1. Income and expense statement from the most recent fiscal year
    2. Project budget
    3. Information on whether the organization currently has any reserves, endowment funds or other sources of revenue (city, state, federal, United Way, etc.) other than private corporate and individual donors, and if so, an explanation of those assets
    4. List of other corporations/foundations being solicited and the status of each request
    5. List of other corporate/foundation supporters

    III. General Organization (in addition to the proposal) 

    1. Executive Director's experience/brief bio
    2. Number of full-time and part-time staff members
    3. List of the Board of Directors
    4. Copy of tax-exempt letter from the IRS

    Submission Details

    Please submit the original proposal (no copies are needed) to:

    Kate H. Cotton
    Vice President, Community Relations
    Executive Director, Protective Life Foundation
    P.O. Box 2606
    Birmingham, AL  35202
    Phone:  205-268-4434
    - or -
    via e-mail to:

    Review Cycle: March, June, September and December
    Submission Deadlines: February 17, May 15, August 15, November 17

    Depending on the nature and amount of the request, some proposals will be reviewed monthly, and others will be considered on a quarterly basis. The proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation's Executive Committee, and all grant recipients must be charitable organizations as designated by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.