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Learn more about Protective’s rebrand and what it means for our customers, employees and communities.

Who we are

We are on a mission to help more people achieve the sense of protection and security they deserve. With drive and heart, we make the most of every opportunity to help more people. It's who we are and who we've always been, protecting people for over 110 years. It's simply our duty and responsibility to put people first — that will never change. If you're working for us, with us or using our products: you're a protector.

We are all protectors
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We prioritized evolving our brand with a focus on capitalizing on our strengths and amplifying all the things that make us who we are today while looking forward to our future. Our unwavering commitment to our values remains. We believe in helping you achieve the protection and security you deserve — no matter where you’re going or how big you dream. At the end of the day, we're here for you, in your corner and by your side.

Across our life insurance, annuity and asset protection solutions, we help more than 11 million people reach the sense of security and freedom they deserve. Current Protective customers will not see any change in the services we provide, and our core products remain the same.

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Protective Headquarters

Protective has been protecting people for more than 110 years. Today, we continue to provide the sense of security everyone deserves through life insurance, asset protection and retirement products.

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Protective has three core sites in Birmingham, Cincinnati and St. Louis, along with a robust virtual workforce.

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We are committed to improving the quality of life for local communities and collaborating with others in order to create the greatest possible impact

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