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Commercial Building

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Our team

Laura McDonald
Senior Vice President, Chief Mortgage & Real Estate Officer
Jamie Shuford
Vice President, Head of Production
(205) 268-3929
Taylor Alexander
Vice President, Head of Participation Production
(205) 268-6247
Steve Clikas
Vice President, Head of Conventional Production
(205) 268-2729
John Cathey
Vice President, Head of Seniors Housing Production
(205) 268-1389
John Gottschall
Vice President
(205) 268-3305
Don Dibble
Vice President
(205) 268-1334
Michael Wilson
Assistant Vice President
(205) 268-3296
Tony Crocker
Senior Mortgage Loan Analyst
(205) 268-8796
Thomas Boydstun
Senior Mortgage Loan Analyst
(205) 268-3833
Alan Drennen
Senior Mortgage Loan Analyst
(205) 268-2801
Michael Assoue
Senior Mortgage Loan Analyst
(205) 268-3158
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Additional guidelines and materials

Assumption guidelines
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Preview the requirements for the assumption of mortgage loans.
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The forms you need in one convenient location.
Approved firms
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We work with a variety of firms across different categories.