• Annuities can help meet your retirement needs

  • With potential for tax-deferred growth and a guaranteed income stream, annuities can be important to your retirement objectives.

  • Find out if an annuity is right for your retirement needs. Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

  • Annuities from Protective offer tax-deferred growth and guaranteed income

    You protect your car, your home and even your life with insurance, but are you leaving your retirement income unprotected? Annuities from Protective may help you grow - and protect - your retirement income.

  • An annuity is a retirement investment vehicle that can offer benefits, including:

  • Tax-Deferred Growth

    Tax-Deferred Growth

    Any growth within your annuity is tax-deferred until you withdraw it - similar to how a 401(k) works.*

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income

    Guaranteed Lifetime Income

    Annuities can give you a steady stream of income for a set period of time or for your lifetime.

  • Guaranteed Death Benefit

    Guaranteed Death Benefit

    An annuity can pay money directly to your beneficiaries when you die, helping them avoid a lengthy probate process.

  • Whether you're interested in growing your retirement savings, guaranteed income for life, or both, Protective can walk you through our options. Check out our annuities online or give us a call.

  • Understanding retirement annuities

    Protective’s annuity options offer ways to grow your retirement nest egg based on your risk tolerance, while also deferring taxes on that growth. And when you’re ready to retire, you have a wide variety of options to guarantee that income stream for as long as you need - even for the rest of your life.

    • Annuities can be purchased to start paying immediately or to postpone payouts to the future.
    • The payouts from an annuity contract can be made as one lump sum or as a series of payouts over time based on your needs.

    The information below walks you through several uses for annuities and then reviews specific categories and how they work.

  • How an annuity works

    An annuity is simply a contract where one party agrees to make either a single payment or a series of payments, and the other party then agrees to do the same in return at some point in the future.

  • Annuities Graphic
  • Annuity Phases Graphic
  • Annuities typically have two phases:

    1. Accumulation – A period of time when the owner, or annuitant, is accumulating value in the annuity. This will usually occur before an individual retires.

    2. Distribution – The payout phase of an annuity comes when the accumulated value is distributed – either via a lump sum or a series of payments over time.

  • Immediate annuities and deferred annuities

  • Immediate Annuities

    • Funded with a single lump-sum purchase
    • Can provide a guaranteed lifetime stream of income
    • Referred to as single premium immediate annuities, or SPIAs
  • Deferred Annuities

    • Funded with either a lump sum payment or a series of payments
    • Pay out at a future date
    • Divided into three categories: fixed, indexed and variable.
  • Types of deferred annuities and their features

  • Fixed Annuities

    • Earns a guaranteed rate of interest for a set period of time.
    • Principal and interest are guaranteed by the financial strength of the insurance company that issues it.
  • Indexed Annuities

    • Earns interest based on performance of an underlying financial benchmark like the S&P 500 Index, subject to interest rate caps.
    • Offer a guaranteed minimum rate of return, which can be as low as 0%.
  • Variable Annuities

    • Earnings based on the performance of the investment options (or 'subaccounts') you select from among those offered under the annuity.
    • Do not offer guaranteed returns and may lose or gain value depending upon the performance of the investments.
  • What type of annuity is right for you?

    At Protective Life, we offer different types of annuities to help meet your particular financial goals in retirement. Our annuities include enhanced income features, competitive fees and expanded investment options.

  • Fixed Annuity
    Indexed Annuity
    Variable Annuity
    Tax Deferred Growth
    Death benefit
    Single purchase payment or installments
    Minimum guaranteed interest rate
    Principal Protection
    Market-linked growth potential
    Investment Options
  • Why financial strength matters

    Annuities have no FDIC or NCUA insurance. The guarantees offered are backed by the strength of the issuing insurance carrier. That makes it even more important to choose a carrier you can trust. Protective Life has been around for more than 100 years, and carries high ratings from independent rating organizations.

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