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Protective Executive UL

Protective® Executive UL is designed to help organizations attract and retain the best leadership talent by providing executives the valuable incentive of permanent, individual life insurance coverage.

It’s cost effective, easy to administer and tailored to meet the protection needs of highly compensated employees — making it a competitive addition to an organization’s executive compensation package.
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Expand Your Business with a Solution You Already Know and Trust
Find new growth opportunities in the business market with Protective Executive UL, a well-structured individual life insurance solution. Its universal life design enables you to leverage a strategy you're already familiar with - all while attracting new prospects and expanding your business.

We’ve designed Protective Executive UL with features that benefit both the employer and their executive employees.

  • Employer-Valued Features
  • Employee-Valued Features

Easy to Administer

Employee information is managed with a census, updated as needed, and the premiums can be paid with a single electronic fund transfer.


Coverage is specifically designed for an organization's executives, which allows it to be a more cost-effective plan than if they were included in a traditional group plan with all other employees.

Stronger Incentive

Employees have the flexibility to add additional premium to build cash value, customize coverage to meet their needs and it is portable should they retire or leave the company.

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Portable Coverage

Unlike group life insurance, Protective Executive UL offers individual coverage that doesn’t go away or decrease at retirement.

Flexible Premium

Affordable premiums are paid by the employer; however, the employee may add additional premiums to build cash value.

Simple Underwriting

By answering two questions, executives can automatically qualify for Protective Executive UL.

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Access the tools you need to grow your business

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Access our wide range of marketing materials to help you provide valuable solutions for your clients.
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Offer your business clients a product that attracts the best leadership talent

Learn more about how our individual universal life solution can help you meet the needs of your clients within the business market.
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For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

Protective Executive UL (ICC20-EUL1/EUL-1 10-20) is a current-assumption universal life insurance policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company, Nashville, TN. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state.