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Planning your financial future

5 useful budgeting tips and apps for your smartphone or tablet

There's an app for that! Helping you build a better budget and sticking to it has been made easy by five beneficial apps created for your smartphone.

Did you know that there are many useful apps for your smartphone or tablet that help you find the best ways to save money? Since most of us carry our smartphones just about everywhere we go, some of the newer apps can be a big help when it comes to sticking to a budget plan and tracking where your money goes. While new budgeting tips and savings apps are constantly being introduced, we've found five very useful apps to help get you started.

Level Money

This app sits at the top of the list, and for good reason. Level Money makes it incredibly easy to budget how much you can spend on a daily basis so that you don't go over your set limit. All you do is enter your income, create your expense limits, and how much you want to save every month. The app will tell you how much you have to spend each day, as well as how much you can allocate to your savings account.

Spending Tracker

The premise behind this app is that by tracking your spending, you'll be able to stick to your budget and save. Spending tracker gives you the option of tracking your money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It allows you to personalize your tracker by editing spending and income categories, and has some really great interactive charts. It's free, but the Pro upgrade will allow you to do a lot more.

Savings Goals

Saving Goals can help you set goals for whatever you'd like to save for. Just enter a target date and the amount of money you want to save. The app allows you to calculate how much you'll need to save per week (or month) in order to reach your goal, from buying your first used car to saving for college. If you don't have an exact date, you can calculate when you'll reach your goal with the amount of money you're saving.


Remember the tried and true envelope budgeting method where you put a specific amount of money into envelopes marked gas, food, rent, etc.? Based on the foundation of the envelope budgeting system, The Goodbudget app allows you to create “envelopes” and check the balance of each one so that you don't go over your budget.


LearnVest is a program that wants to make financial planning more affordable, accessible, and even fun. The free app enables you to track your savings and spending, create a budget, and set the savings goals you want to work towards. The app also provides access to informative articles so that you can continue to sharpen your financial knowhow.



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