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Family with two children in a bright kitchen indicating a time to learn about why getting life insurance is important.
Why get life insurance

Leaving those you love with a legacy of love: Giving the gift of life insurance to your grandchildren

A life insurance policy for your grandchild is a good way to ensure long term coverage for them and to provide cash value for life expenses such as a new home or college costs.
Let's face it. Grandparents get to have all the fun. The job description includes spoiling and treating your grandchildren to sugar, without any of the timeouts or bedtime consequences. Duty calls you to play games not change diapers, and you get to pass on stories and recipes, instead of chores and discipline.

One of the best ways to share your love this February 14th with the latest generation of your family is with the lasting gift of life insurance. What makes life insurance the perfect gift for grandchildren? Considering its value at a relatively low cost, long-term financial benefit, and the fact that cash-value life insurance policies can appreciate with time, makes it a thoughtful gift they'll come to thank you for when they become older.

High value at a relatively low cost

Most parents see the value of life insurance once they have children of their own and a family that depends on them for support. Act early for your children's children. Their age and good health status works in their favor and can warrant very affordable premiums.

Long-term security

Unexpected health changes such as a disability or chronic illness might make it difficult or too expensive for your grandchild to get coverage later in life. In fact, depending on the circumstances, they could even be denied coverage altogether. By locking them into lower premiums today, you're providing assurance now, as well as in the future.

Appreciation with time

When you buy your grandchild the latest toy or game, the manufacturer is likely waiting in the wings to release the next upgrade. Fortunately, a life insurance policy isn't outdated by version 2.0. A permanent* life insurance policy can earn cash value that grows with your grandchild, steadily building over time. It's this cash value that they'll appreciate being able to use later in life for expenses such as a down payment on a house, to help pay for college expenses, or to use as collateral for a loan.**

Even while having fun, you take your role as a grandparent seriously. Let this “month of love” be the reminder for you to pass on more to your grandchildren this year than just another must-have toy. Instead, you can show your love today by spending quality time together and creating priceless memories.


* As long as required premium payments are maintained.

** Loans against the policy accrue interest and decrease the death benefit and cash value by the amount of the outstanding loan and interest.



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