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Parents camping with their two children symbolizing that they have a lot of financial planning to prepare for in the future
Planning your financial future

Better budgeting with financial planning software

There are desktop budgeting software tools to help you with your personal finances..

We've already discussed a few free online budget tools, so now, we're tackling the topic of the best desktop software programs for personal finance.

All of the desktop software options listed below are available for Mac and PC, and all of them allow you to import your account data, track your spending, create a budget plan, and manage your mortgage and credit card payments. Just don't forget to regularly back that info up to an external hard drive!


It has all the capabilities listed above, AND it allows you to pay your bills, connect directly to your bank or credit union for the most up to date account info, bank online, manage investment accounts, and even calculate exchange rates. There's also an AceMoney Receipts mobile app available that complements your software package.

Quicken Starter Edition

Quicken is a well-known and trusted name in the finance industry, and its personal finance desktop software does not disappoint. Quicken professes to “make budgeting (and staying on budget) painless” with its Quicken Starter Edition program. This software imports all of your bank information and creates “budget forecasts” and budget goals for you based on your spending patterns. It also creates handy graphs and charts to help you see where your money is going, and it also comes with a FREE mobile app for budgeting on the go. It only lacks a couple of the features that AceMoney has, namely the ability to track investment accounts and calculate exchange rates.

You need a budget

You Need a Budget makes an appearance on both of our desktop software programs and free online budgeting tools lists, because while it does offer a free mobile app, and many of its extremely informative finance webinars and articles are available for free on the YNAB website, the YNAB budgeting software itself does cost money. The YNAB software doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles as the other two programs we've mentioned, but it heavily stresses the importance of budgeting, and it's the only program listed here that really delivers in terms of personalized financial guidance. It may be the most expensive option listed, but YNAB is a great choice for those who are brand new to the befuddling world of finance.



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