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Husband and wife sitting on couch drinking coffee and talking about managing their money in their marriage.
Marriage and Money

Preparing for life’s awkward holiday moments

Life gets awkward — especially when it comes to family. While we can't save you from your in-laws, we can help you plan for the moments that matter.
Family members greet their host in the doorway as they begin to celebrate the holidays.

Are you preparing for the moments that matter?

Marriage is a new adventure that you embark on together as husband and wife. This includes discussions like when to buy a house, how to build a budget and when you might start a family. Throw in hosting your family for the holidays and you might hit some awkward moments. So, what can you do? Life Gets Awkward: Holiday Edition is a fun look into the lives of a newlywed couple trying to make their way through the holidays - with their entire family in tow. Just a warning, some of these instances may make you feel like we were spying on your family gatherings.

While we don't have any tips on how to host your family for the holidays, we can help you plan for other moments that matter.

At Protective Life, we've been helping people feel secure in their plans for more than a century. During that time, we've compiled a lot of information and resources. Here is some of that information in hopes that we can help you avoid some awkward moments:

Saving for Your First Home

Preparing to buy your first home is more than picking floorplans and community amenities. Before you fill your first moving box, get your financial house in order with these tips.

Household Budgets

A household budget is a spending plan that helps you determine where your money should go each month. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it is the foundation to other financial goals.

Budgeting for Baby

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion, so don't let your first precious months together be marred by avoidable financial duress. Start planning ahead of time for the anticipated financial impact and make a budget so you can be better prepared.

Tag a friend and tell us about an awkward moment you've survived with the hashtag #LifeGetsAwkward.



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