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Man on computer tablet researching and choosing a life insurance company.
Choosing a life insurance company

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

Research shows that 3 in 10 American households are putting their financial future at risk by not having life insurance. We hope to change this by providing the information you need to make decisions.

At Protective, we understand that life can get busy. Between balancing work, family, and other obligations, there's often little time left in our hectic schedules to fit in even one more additional task. But as you go about your daily activities, stop for just a minute to think about everything you do, why you do it, and the people you are doing it for.

For example, you go to work every day earning a paycheck to ensure that the mortgage or rent is paid, giving your family a place to call home. You budget and save so your children can go to college and you can have a comfortable retirement. But with so much riding on your income, how do you preserve the financial future of the people who depend on you the most - the people whose future you want to protect? 

The fact is that when the unexpected happens, life can change in an instant. And according to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association, 41% of respondents said they either need to obtain life insurance or believe they need more life insurance.1  

As this is Life Insurance Awareness Month, we're hoping that you'll make the time to get the life insurance protection you need. Begin by asking yourself how the people in your life would manage financially if you were suddenly gone. 

  • Immediately afford to pay out of pocket for funeral expenses, or would they have to take out a loan or find the cash from another source?
  • Afford to make the mortgage or rent payment, or would they be forced to downsize?
  • Maintain their current lifestyle, or, in addition to losing you, would they face additional life changes?
  • Pay off family debts, or would they suffer significant financial stresses or even bankruptcy?
  • Afford to save for future needs, or would they be forced to forgo things such as sending your children to college or your spouse realizing retirement?

Yes, life can come at you with unexpected twists and turns. But when it does, you have the power to preserve your family's financial future with a life insurance policy. As part of September's Life Insurance Awareness Month, we want to remind everyone of the need to include life insurance as part of their financial plan. 

We hope you find the following articles helpful in looking at the many ways that life insurance can help you preserve the financial future of those you love and who depend on you for support. 


1. 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, Life Happens and LIMRA



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