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Family with two children in a bright kitchen indicating a time to learn about why getting life insurance is important.
Why get life insurance

A life insurance love song by the Holderness family and Protective Life

Celebrate the love of your life with the real reasons we don't ever want to live without them. "I Can't Live Without You" may sound romantic, but it is a sentiment grounded in reality for most families.

We asked the Holderness family to explore all of the things families do to survive daily life. From carpools to laundry to mowing the lawn, most couples juggle plenty of tasks to make it through the day. 

What would happen if we didn't have our partner to share the workload? It's a scary thought for sure.

The Holderness family helps us take a lighter look at all that we do to keep our families together and running smoothly.  “I Can't Live Without You,” is a tribute to families navigating life together. Join in the conversation on our Twitter or Facebook page by sharing what you wouldn't want to live without and use the hashtag #LetsGetReal. 

No one wants to think about life without our partner. But if you have a family, planning for the “what ifs” in life is the responsible thing to do. So while you're here, we hope you'll take a minute to make sure your family is protected - so that you can enjoy and embrace today.

Resources for real families in real life

For most people, your paycheck pays the bills and hopefully allows for a little extra to set aside for an emergency fund, your child's education and your own retirement. And nowadays, many households rely on two incomes to make ends meet.

Most of us wouldn't think twice about insuring our homes or vehicles, but the importance of life insurance can be easy to overlook. How would the people you love survive if you died tomorrow and your paychecks suddenly stopped? What are you doing to prepare for this possibility?

At Protective Life, we help families find life insurance coverage that works with their budget. Here are some helpful resources designed with families in mind:



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