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Mother on couch with baby and young daughter indicating they need to plan for their family’s future with the new baby.
Babies and Families

New parent orientation and financial first steps

Our friends, Penn and Kim Holderness tell new parents how it's really going to be. Their truth bombs include the good, the bad and even the icky about becoming a parent.
Penn and Kim Holderness share a confused look during new parent orientation.

Forget the books and manuals — here's how parenthood gets REAL. Welcome to your New Parent Orientation — Holderness style. We teamed up with our favorite veteran parents, Penn and Kim Holderness, and asked them to tell it like it is about becoming a parent and what really matters. Silver rattles? High Chairs? Who needs them? While some may seem unconventional, many veteran parents can relate and will agree that you never stop learning.

It's not about the toys, baby showers and cute outfits. When you become a parent, your outlook on life can shift dramatically. It's with that understanding that we created a variety of resources for parents and growing families. From budgeting to college to financial tips, we hope you'll find useful information here.

Financial first steps

Your baby isn't the only one who could be taking baby steps. This video shows the first financial steps you can take now that will make a difference in your baby's future. By saving for college now, starting a flexible spending account or adding a bigger contribution to your retirement fund, you could make important moves toward setting your family up for financial success, too.

5 financial “to-dos” for new parents

Becoming a parent brings great responsibility — for many that can range from providing basic needs to a college education. Stay on top of your financial needs with a few simple to-dos designed to help you secure your financial future.

Teach your children to be financially independent

Financial lessons are a part of giving your children a bright future. Getting them ready to manage money and set long-term goals are both important lessons to teach while they are young.

5 little steps to start a college fund for a baby

These five little steps could help you start a college fund for a baby, which can help secure peace of mind for you and secure higher education for your child.



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