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Life Gets Awkward

Life gets awkward. We've all been there and it's impossible to avoid. While we can't spare you from all of it, we can help you plan for some of life's curveballs.

Preparing for the things that matter

Life is filled with big moments that we look forward to - graduation ceremony, a wedding day and the birth of a child just to name a few. But life can also be filled with a lot of little moments that can get downright awkward.

While we all love to celebrate the moments of achievement and inspiration; let's face it, some of our awkward moments stand out too. Life Gets Awkward is a fun look at a few of life's cringe-worthy moments that catch us by surprise. From a secret dance sessions, to an unnoticed gesture of politeness to realizing that you and your partner aren't on the same page. Life gets awkward, and we can't help you completely avoid it, but we can help you be more prepared for some of the bigger moments.

At Protective Life, we've been helping people feel secure in their plans for more than a century. During that time, we've compiled a lot of information and resources. Here is some of that information in hopes that we can help you avoid some awkward moments:

Money Management

Fool Proofing Your Budget

Unrealistic plans, inaccurate tracking and not accounting for all expenses can be reasons why your household budget may not be helping you achieve your financial goals.

Marriage and Money

Start Your Marriage On The Right Financial Foot

If you're looking to start your marriage on a strong financial footing, then you need to have agreement on a few basics like an emergency fund, a will and your credit.

Babies and Family

Saving for Your Baby's Arrival

Preparing to add to your family can be an exciting time, and with a bit of financial planning you may be able to alleviate some of the stress that can arrive along with your bundle of joy.

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Awkward moments can creep into our everyday lives. With all of life's big moments that we look forward to, we're bound to run into events that we aren't prepared for. Life Gets Awkward explores some of those unexpected moments that life throws our way. However, for those moments in life that we can plan for, Protective Life is here to help with helpful information. Enjoy the video and then visit for more information.

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