• Understanding Life Insurance.
    At Protective, we believe choosing and buying life insurance should be simple. Our goal is to provide the information and understanding you need to make the right life insurance choices for your needs. From explaining the differences between universal, whole and term life insurance to helping you understand how much life insurance you might need, we hope you’ll find everything you need to make smart decisions about life insurance protection.

    Do I Have Enough Life Insurance Coverage?
    Statistics tell us that 33% of Americans believe they need more life insurance. But how do you know if you have enough coverage or too much coverage? We recommend you review your coverage regularly and especially when you have major life events like marriage, children or a home purchase.  Many people find that they need more coverage when they are in the prime of their career and they have children at home or in college, but as they get older, the amount of coverage they need decreases.  Your needs may change based on a variety of factors. Our Life Insurance needs calculator or a financial advisor can help with this process.         

    Creating your Plan.
    Whether you use our online quoting tool or you prefer going to an agent, we can help you understand your life insurance needs. Our goal is to de-mystify the life insurance process and help you feel confident that you have the right coverage. To find a licensed Protective Life agent or get a free life insurance quote, call 1-844-733-5433, Monday through Friday or get your free quote online now.