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Discussing Life Insurance with Your Spouse

A discussion about life insurance is a tough conversation to have, especially when you're a newlywed. Remember to pick your moment, do your homework, and break up the conversation if needed.

Heart-To-Heart Conversation about Life Insurance

As a newlywed, you will have many occasions to open a good bottle of wine and light a few candles over the course of your relationship. But your first discussion about life insurance may not be one of them.

However, because discussing life insurance means facing our mortality, it's often that one line of insurance coverage that we continue to put off talking about. But if the thought of discussing life insurance with your new spouse is giving you cold feet, here are a few tips to get you started.

The subject of life insurance isn't typically a topic of everyday conversations. But you and your spouse have made a lifelong commitment to each other; life insurance is something that should be discussed - sooner rather than later. 

Because talking about life insurance means talking about death, it's a topic we may want to avoid. If the thought of discussing life insurance with your new spouse makes you uncomfortable, here are a few ways to get over the discomfort and start the conversation.

Pick your moment.

Don't unexpectedly spring it on your new spouse at the last minute. Instead, let him or her know in advance that you want to talk about your need for life insurance so that you're both in the right mindset and not pressed for time. Also, try doing a bit of homework so you have some basic information to get the discussion started and to address any immediate questions or concerns. 

Explain what life insurance can offer.

Discuss the many benefits of a life insurance policy, including the financial peace of mind for your loved ones. Life insurance coverage can help replace lost income and cover everyday living expenses such as mortgage or rent payments, childcare, medical bills, and other financial obligations. Discussing key benefits can often help alleviate doubts about whether life insurance is really necessary.  

Break it up into multiple conversations, if necessary.

There's no need to get overwhelmed and feel that you need to cover everything in one sitting. Selecting life insurance for the both of you is a big decision, so it's okay to have more than one thoughtful, deliberate discussion about it. However, be sure to mark your calendar to have a follow-up conversation or to set up an appointment with your agent.  

Make a point to protect the ones you love most during the month of love. Nobody wants to contemplate worst-case scenarios during the honeymoon phase of marriage, getting life insurance coverage for you and your spouse can bring peace of mind about your future. 

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