• Permanent Life Insurance

  • Permanent life insurance can last a lifetime and may provide additional value beyond the security and assurance of death benefit protection.


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  • Permanent coverage with cash value potential

    A permanent* life insurance policy can provide lifelong protection and the ability to accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis.

  • Four reasons to consider permanent life insurance

    • You want your life insurance coverage to last a lifetime.
    • You want both life insurance protection and tax-advantaged accumulation of cash value.
    • You might need to access your policy’s cash value through loans or withdrawals to meet retirement planning needs.**
    • You have advanced planning needs like business continuation or key person protection.

  • How permanent life insurance is different than term life insurance

  • While premiums for permanent life insurance may be higher compared to a term life policy, you are paying for the opportunity to accumulate cash value and have a lifetime of coverage.

    When the coverage period of a term life policy ends, you could face dramatically increased premiums or be required to go through underwriting. Depending on your term length, you could be 10, 20 or even 30 years older. While you may still be able to get insurance at an older age, it can be much more expensive and at a time in your life when you are living on a reduced or fixed income.

  • Types of permanent life insurance policies – which is right for you?

  • Pros of Permanent Life Insurance

    Cons of Permanent Life Insurance

    Whole Life Insurance

    A level premium with both a death benefit and cash value component. Read More.

    • Lifetime death benefit coverage
    • Fixed interest rate
    • Cash value growth and access
    • Optional features can be added as riders
    • Can be expensive
    • Premiums and face amount are not adjustable

    Universal Life Insurance

    Offers more flexibility, including the death benefit amount, premium payment amounts and optional features which can help tailor the policy to fit your exact needs. Read More.

    • Lifetime death benefit coverage
    • Offers flexibility
    • Guaranteed minimum interest rate
    • Most policies offer cash value growth and access
    • Optional features can be added as riders
    • May be more expensive than term insurance
    • Many options and features can be confusing
    • Premium amounts may not be guaranteed
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