• Survivorship Life Insurance

  • Also called survivor life insurance, this type of insurance helps cover two people and is often used to support long-term estate planning needs.

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  • Survivorship life insurance for a family estate plan

    Survivorship life insurance policies from Protective cover two partners under one policy and are typically used when the death benefit isn’t needed until the second insured person passes. At that time, the full benefit pays out to help cover estate taxes and other expenses.

  • Understanding survivorship life insurance

    Sometimes called second-to-die insurance, survivorship life is often purchased by married couples or other pairs of people with insurable interest in each other, and it’s generally more affordable than two separate policies.

    Survivorship life insurance, such as the Protective Survivor UL, is a policy tailored to help meet estate planning needs.

    • Often called second-to-die insurance
    • Covers two partners with one policy
    • May be more affordable than separate policies
  • Benefits of survivorship universal life insurance

  • Planning for Estate Taxes

    Planning for Estate Taxes

    Survivorship life insurance is most commonly used to ensure that when the second individual dies, the beneficiaries have money to cover estate taxes or other costs.

  • Less Expensive

    Less Expensive

    Survivorship life insurance can be more affordable than two individual policies because rates are calculated based on the joint life expectancy of the insured individuals.

  • Easier To Obtain

    Easier to Obtain

    In some cases, people who wouldn’t qualify for individual life policies are able to obtain joint coverage because survivorship life insurance pays out only when the second individual dies.

  • Survivor Universal Life from Protective Life

    Depending on your financial situation, the Protective Survivor UL policy, can offer a number of features to help you and your heirs. Similar to other universal life insurance policies, such as indexed UL and variable UL, the Protective Survivor UL policy features a cash value account.

    A portion of every premium paid goes into the policy’s cash value account that can grow tax-deferred. This cash value account provides an additional layer of financial flexibility by allowing you to borrow against that cash value.*

    • Lifetime Lapse Protection
      – to guarantee you won't lose your coverage as long as scheduled premium payments are made.

    • Estate Protection Endorsement
      – offers beneficiaries an increased death benefit to help cover estate taxes.

    • Split Option Endorsement
      – the option to split the policy into two separate, smaller policies should you and your spouse divorce.

    • Death Benefit Coverage Flexibility
      – allowing you to reduce your coverage without having to purchase a new policy should your needs change.
  • Is second-to-die life insurance right for you?

  • Consider survivor universal life insurance if you’re married or have common ‘insurable interests,” and have needs such as:

    • Ensuring your heirs won’t have to sacrifice their inheritance to cover a large estate tax bill.
    • Planning for the continuation of a family business.
    • Providing the necessary funds to continue the care of a special needs child, grandchild, dependent adult or aging parents.
    • Supporting a charitable organization by leaving them a gift in your name to continue their work.
  • The Protective Survivor UL is typically less expensive than purchasing two separate life insurance policies, and may help a spouse, who might have difficulty obtaining insurance otherwise, get affordable coverage. Find out if it’s right for you.

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