• Variable Life Insurance

  • Variable life insurance offers the lifetime protection of a permanent* life insurance policy with the potential to earn cash value based on the performance of your selected investment options.

  • We offer a variety of life insurance policies from which to choose. For more information on variable life insurance policy options - or other types of life insurance - give us a call at 1-844-733-5433 and talk with a Protective Life Agent.

  • Understanding variable life insurance

    Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance from Protective offers financial protection for your beneficiaries with the potential for tax-deferred cash value growth.

  • How variable life insurance is different

    With variable universal life, a portion of your premium is allocated to the investment options offered through the policy, based on your risk tolerance and goals. The difference between variable universal life and other types of universal life is essentially the ability to choose investment options and the potential for cash value growth along with increased risk.

    Variable universal life is often good for people who:

    • Prefer the potential for higher returns and are comfortable with market risk.
    • Like the flexibility of being able to move their cash value among investment options.
  • The benefits of variable life insurance

  • Guaranteed protection with upside potential

    Guaranteed Protection with Upside Potential

    Variable universal life typically provides a minimum guaranteed death benefit that won’t decrease as long as you make the required premium payments and repay any outstanding loan balances.

  • Options for premium flexibility

    Options for Premium Flexibility

    With variable universal life, you can use cash value growth to make premium payments. However, should your investments lose value, the necessary premium could increase.

  • Investment options

    Investment Options

    Variable universal life offers a range of investment options to match your goals and risk tolerance. Cash value grows tax-deferred, and can be used to pay premiums or to borrow against for other financial needs.*

  • Is variable life insurance right for you?

    Variable universal life insurance combines the core benefit of life insurance – protection for beneficiaries through an income-tax free death benefit – with significant flexibility for those willing to accept market risk.

  • Variable Universal Life (VUL)
    VUL is similar to traditional universal life insurance, but your premium payments can be allocated among various investment options that offer the potential for greater cash value growth along with increased risk.
    • Lifetime death benefit coverage
    • Flexible premiums
    • Cash value grows tax deferred
    • Access to your cash value
    • Investment options for your cash value
    • Comes with investment expenses not included in other types of life insurance
    • If investments lose value, premiums may need to increase to keep policy in force
  • At Protective Life, we recognize that everyone has different financial needs. Whether you’re interested in variable life insurance or another type of permanent insurance, we offer a variety of life insurance policies from which to choose. For more information give us a call at 1-844-733-5433 and talk with a Protective Life Agent.

  • How does variable life insurance work?

    Variable universal life insurance allocates a portion of the premium payments into the insurer’s variable separate account to offer the potential for even greater cash value accumulation. Investments in the separate are subject to market risk.

  • Variable Universal Life Insurance Flow Chart Variable Universal Life Insurance Flow Chart
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  • Important Note About Variable Life Insurance

    Variable universal life insurance involves the risk of investing in the stock market, including market risk and the potential loss of principal. That why it’s important you understand your policy and its risks before you commit to variable universal life insurance.

    If investments underperform (or if sufficient premiums are not paid), the policy may lapse or not accumulate sufficient value to maintain the policy.

    Investments in variable universal life insurance policies are subject to fees and charges from both the insurance company and the managers of underlying investments. You’ll find this and other information in the prospectuses for variable universal life insurance policies and their underlying investment options.

    Investors should read the prospectuses carefully before investing. To understand Protective’s VUL options and read a prospectus, call us at 800.456.6330.

    VUL policies are considered securities contracts and are regulated by federal laws and must be sold with a prospectus.

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  • Variable Universal Life Insurance can be complicated. But we’re happy to work with you to explore the options and see if a VUL policy from Protective can meet your needs.

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