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Parenting Fundamentals

What does it mean to be a good parent? It's a question so many of us wrestle with as we raise our children. And in today's world, there's no shortage of information or advice on the subject. At Protective, we really believe it comes down to a few fundamentals, most of which aren't what we worry about on a daily basis.

Advice to New Parents: Video

We offer this video as an open letter to parents, with the sincere hope that you embrace - and treasure - every precious moment. Your time with your children is a gift.

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Protect tomorrow, so you can enjoy and embrace today.

Children are our sources of inspiration and strength. We cherish them. We nurture them. We worry over them. And we wonder always if what we're doing as parents is the best we can offer. Parenting advice comes from trusted friends and family, and you can find volumes of expert tips wherever you turn. But we believe it's important to step back and understand the true gifts your children give you - and realize the gifts you give your children. Time. Education. Spiritual guidance. Love. These are the gifts that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. And in truth, everything else seems to pale in comparison.

At Protective, our mission is to help you protect tomorrow for your children, so that today you can concentrate on enjoying these precious moments of childhood. If you haven't considered life insurance to protect your family, we hope that you will take a minute to find out more. We have prepared some educational information in our  life insurance page to help you in your process. And whether you choose Protective or another carrier, we hope you'll make it a priority to plan for tomorrow for your family. We believe you'll find it gives you the peace of mind to embrace and enjoy today.