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Social Media Community Guidelines

Our community might be new to social media, but with more than 100 years of experience in helping people protect their financial future, we're excited to start talking with you. Our goal is to leverage our experience to provide information and answer questions that can help protect your financial tomorrow, so you can enjoy and embrace today. We also want to know what you want to hear - whether that's information about products and services or something we haven't thought of yet.

With these goals in mind, we created some community guidelines to help facilitate discussion and ensure everyone can be heard:

  1. Please share your thoughts on our posts and request information you would like us to discuss going forward. This community exists because we want to tear down traditional barriers to our communication. So, we hope you'll be part of making this a better community.
  2. Remember to be polite. We reserve the right to delete any content at any time at our discretion.  In particular, comments that include offensive, abusive or inappropriate content will be deleted as will personal attacks. If a community member continues this behavior, we reserve the right to block them going forward.
  3. This site is public. Be careful not to include personal information that might expose you to fraud or online security issues. As examples, you should never share information such as account numbers or social security numbers in this forum. And we will never ask you for that material in our social channels. If you have an immediate concern, visit our contact center, or reach out here and allow us to contact you in a secure channel. We'll be available from 8 a.m. CT to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.
  4. We recognize that privacy is important.  Please take a moment to review our Online Privacy Policy.  Your participation in our social media communities is subject to our Online Privacy Policy.
  5. And of course, by joining this community, you agree to comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, Twitter’s Policies and LinkedIn’s User Agreement. We reserve the right to delete any content that violates these terms or our company's values.