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Two Protective teammates having a casual conversation in the office.

Leading with values in business for a more sustainable world

We're proud to be protectors not only of our customers but also of the world we live in. Our values inspire us to make a positive impact and to advance sustainable business practices in everything we do.

Protecting our customers

Our focus on sustainability means standing by our customers and keeping our promises to them now and in the future. That’s why we invest in technology to serve 1 million customers digitally and counting — while offering meaningful interactions when they need us most.
A Protective teammate on the phone with a customer from her home office.
Delivering on our promises
Building trust with customers starts with our teammates. While we’re focused on providing the training and resources our customer service teams need, our teammates are the heart behind every interaction. And sometimes being in the right place at the right time can turn a customer into a friend for life.

Protecting the environment

We have a responsibility to build a sustainable future by reducing our environmental impact and driving innovation. See how we're improving our footprint by finding energy savings where possible.
Protective's home office building in Birmingham.
Creating more sustainable facilities
Pursuing efficiency and energy savings within our operations reduces the environmental impact of our facilities. Some of the measures we’re taking include decreasing power consumption, installing electric charging stations for EVs and powering our headquarters with 100% renewable energy.
Energy-generating windmills on an open plain.
Mitigating environmental impacts
Along with our parent company, we engage in initiatives to understand our carbon footprint so we can reduce it where prudent. Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources (Scope 1) and indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy (Scope 2) are measured and monitored. We also closely monitor the development of measurement techniques for indirect emission that occur in our value chain (Scope 3).

Investing in a better future

Creating a sustainable future depends on the innovations and investments we make now. Learn about the advancements we’re making to better protect our customers, teammates and business.

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in business

We believe DEI should be represented in all aspects of our business. Here are steps we’ve taken in 2022 to broaden the diversity of our vendors and strengthen sustainable financing.
Two Protective teammates smiling at a supplier diversity event.
Supplier diversity program
One of the ways we live out our commitment to DEI is by exploring diverse suppliers. This proactive business program encourages partnerships and contracts with businesses owned by historically underrepresented or underserved groups. One example was the selection of a diverse vendor for a $750 million commercial paper program.
Protective's Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Deep Banerjee.
Diversity in sustainability-linked investments
We continue to live by our sustainable investing framework, including closing on a five-year, $1.5 billion sustainability-linked revolving credit facility. The borrowing cost of this facility is directly linked to social diversity and inclusion efforts, including two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measuring the percentage of women and racially diverse teammates in our workforce.