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A virtual Protective teammate on a conference call with colleagues
Direction Line

Virtual workforce

When you join Protective, you join a vibrant community that never stops learning together.

Why join our virtual team?

Largest and most tenured group

More than 2,300 virtual teammates with an average tenure of nearly 10 years.

Flexible and supported work setup
The best of both worlds, with the benefits of remote work and the support of an office.
Thriving virtual community
Teammates are remote by location only — they're engaged and supported through our active virtual community.
A remote teammate working on her laptop from her home office.
The comforts of home with the support of an office

We get it — remote work can present unique challenges. Here are a few ways we help overcome those:

  • Mirror the office setup by providing all necessary equipment, tech support, an internet stipend and full access to order office supplies through our preferred vendor.
  • Ensure managers and colleagues are mindful of varied time zones, are responsive and communicate in a way that reaches all team members, no matter their location.

Our virtual team

Supportive and inclusive community

We're committed to strengthening our diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts by growing and developing our teammates, attracting diverse talent and supporting strong communities. Learn more about our DE&I commitment.


You'll have access to several voluntary peer-led communities that bring together individuals of like identities with shared life experiences, and/or allies. Our Growth Networks include:


  • Women’s Growth Network
  • Black Growth Network
  • Pride Growth Network
Teammates participating in one of our Growth Networks.
Teammates volunteering to give back to their communities.
Protecting beyond the workplace

Serving people is not just one of our values; it's deeply embedded in our corporate DNA. Below are a few ways we support the welfare and quality of life of our local communities:


  • Half day of paid time off given to all teammates, annually, to give back to a cause of their choosing
  • Opportunities to give back individually or through Ambassador-sponsored groups like the Ronald McDonald House or Lifenet4families.

Interested in joining our virtual team?

Visit our job listings page to explore available opportunities.