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Family with two children in a bright kitchen indicating a time to learn about why getting life insurance is important.
Why get life insurance

Do I need life insurance?

Wondering if you need life insurance? With all of life’s unexpected events and emergencies, it can help protect your family’s financial future. Get the facts today that can help you secure tomorrow.

“Some people probably don't know they need life insurance, or they feel they can get by without it.” - Marv Feldman, president and CEO of the LIFE Foundation

Does the above statement surprise you? The reality is that without life insurance, many people may face an uncertain future.

Stop and think for a moment about how your life is today. For example, let's say you are a two-income family earning enough to comfortably handle the mortgage, car payment, and other monthly expenses. You're fortunate that with two incomes, you can set aside funds for the future that include saving for retirement, college, and even a little extra for emergencies. The rewards of working hard and saving have allowed you to raise your family in a safe environment that's surrounded by good friends and neighbors, as well as quality schools that may have been the very reason why you chose to live where you do.

Now, think how different life would be if suddenly, and without warning, one of you died and that second income went away. Would your surviving spouse or partner be able to meet everyday expenses, or would he or she quickly fall into debt? If they could no longer afford to live in the family home, could they keep up with the mortgage payments until the house sold, or would they risk foreclosure? Would your emergency fund (if you have one) be enough to pay for the immediate expenses associated with final medical bills and a funeral, or would they have to borrow from retirement or college savings accounts?

Losing someone you love isn't something you want to think about. But neither is experiencing a house fire, or becoming involved in a car accident and landing in the hospital. Yet it's the very reason you insure your home and vehicle, and carry health insurance - to protect against the unexpected. But with life insurance, you're protecting something of even greater value: your family's future.

Even though life insurance is optional coverage, you need to think about what's really at stake without it. In addition to grieving your loss, will your family face significant financial stress that may require them to downsize, move out of their home and relocate away from their friends and school? Will the dreams of affording college be put in jeopardy?

At Protective Life, we want you to enjoy the many benefits you've worked so hard for. And by securing a life insurance policy today, you can take that all-important first step in protecting the people who make it all worth the effort. Today's life insurance is designed so that nearly everyone can find an affordable policy to fit their needs. If you're not sure how to get started, let the experts at Protective Life help you assess how much life insurance you'll need and then discuss finding with a policy that fits your budget.

Don't wait. Life is unpredictable, and without life insurance, the people who depend on you the most could face an uncertain future.



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