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Life Insurance Basics

The life insurance application process

This article discusses the four steps of Protective's life insurance application process, from filling out the application online to the underwriting review.

Applying for life insurance doesn't have to be complicated. With Protective Life, you can handle the entire four-step process anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

Apply online

Start by filling out a quick application form online or by calling us. In your application, you'll list some basic personal information like your age, gender and your state of residence. You'll also pick a beneficiary - the person(s) or entity who'll receive the death benefit from your policy if you die while insured.

Phone interview

Once your application is submitted, we'll schedule a phone interview to discuss your medical history. This call usually takes about 25 minutes to cover all the necessary information needed to make an insurance decision. For your convenience, a list of the information needed for the interview will be provided.

Paramedical exam

In addition to the interview, you'll also need to take a paramedical exam to determine your eligibility for coverage. You can select the time and place for this examination. The paramedic will perform a few quick health tests like checking your blood pressure, recording your height and weight and drawing samples of your blood and urine.

Underwriting review

We'll review your information to determine your qualification for insurance coverage. A premium quote will be provided for you so that you can decide whether or not to purchase life insurance with our company. The application process from start to finish takes roughly four to six weeks.

If you're interested in getting life insurance, don't let the process overwhelm you. Start by getting a quote



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